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What is your next step?

This is your chance to be a part of the largest movement in history.  The movement for a sustainable, just and fulfilling existence on this planet.  A collective journey of hundreds of millions of individuals taking small steps to change themselves and change the world.

There is still time to act, but no time to waste.

Wherever you are on the planet and whatever your circumstance, now is the time to invigorate your life with a personal journey of transformation.  A better you.  A better planet.

It’s simple.

Start with your daily routine.  Think about what you consume, where it comes from, and where it goes.

Gasoline is an easy one.  We all know the problems with petrol.  It pollutes.  It’s an incentive for war.  It’s a limited resource of stored sunlight made from millions of years of plants.  Now think about fun ways that you could reduce your dependency on gasoline.  Maybe you could bike to work while getting a bit of stress-relieving exercise.  Maybe you could save money by carpooling.

Whatever simple step you take, the important thing is that we all keep taking steps for a sustainable, just, and fulfilling life.

In the first phase of Four Years. Go., we want to start visualizing what people are doing around the world.  We want to see all the little steps that help put humanity on a better path.  All the untold micro stories that when aggregated together paint a picture of the largest movement in history.

You can help by sharing your next step on the FOUR YEARS. GO. map or helping spread FOUR YEARS. GO. online.