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Join Lynne Twist on December 10, 2010 for a special conference call

On December 10, from 1-2 pm Pacific time, Lynne Twist, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance and author/founder of The Soul of Money, will host a conference call for people who have “signed” the FOUR YEARS. GO. declaration, committing themselves to shifting the direction of life on Earth to a flourishing and sustainable future for all by the end of 2014 . . . and are ready to activate that commitment by inviting others to sign the declaration too. If you haven’t declared your stand yet, do it now!

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you are ready to help spread the word about FOUR YEARS.GO., you are invited to be personally trained by the co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, Lynne Twist!

The call is designed to inspire and empower anyone who is interested in inviting people around them to make the 4YG commitment. That could mean talking to your mother at a holiday dinner, engaging the members of your Rotary club, setting up a table outside the local market or speaking to thousands of people at a conference you are attending.

People who are actively engaging others and inviting them to take the 4YG stand will be the heart and soul of the success of the FOUR YEARS. GO. Commitment campaign.

Some bold souls will become “4YG Mobilizers,” those precious and audacious ones who will do whatever it takes to ensure that we have enough people from all parts of the globe taking and spreading the 4YG Commitment to cause the success of FOUR YEARS.GO.  Will you be a Mobilizer?

Whether you just want to get some insight into how to raise the subject of humanity’s future with your friends and family, or you are ready to go all out as a “4YG Mobilizer,” please join us for this Conference Call to learn more.