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Sacred Passage & The Way of Nature offers awareness training, wilderness rites of passage and sacred site protection

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Author: Bud Wilson

People protect what they love

Sacred Passage and The Way of Nature, provides awareness training and wilderness rites of passage to help modern day humans rediscover their love for the natural world. Through our work, individuals receive what we call an “Earth Empowerment,” thus energizing and inspiring their commitment to the Four Years.Go. initiative.

Sacred Passage gently guides people to rediscover authentic connection with the natural world. Nature sensing and mindfulness practice in pristine wilderness open pathways for the transformational healing power of Nature. Sacred site preservation is a key focus of our work.

John P. Milton on The Value of Solo Time in Nature – 2 of 4

Why settle for virtual reality?

We learn from and in nature. The Way of Nature features “Sensing Exercises” to reconnect with our environment through smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight, movement, balance, thought and energy. This is the best antidote for “nature deficit disorder.”

Imagine recapturing the wonder and awe you experienced as a child in nature. Rediscover joyful balance and harmony through the direct experience of a non-dual unification of inner and outer nature as one continuum. Learn more about this concept in this two-and-a-half minute video with John P. Milton.

John P. Milton on Ecological Spirituality – 4 of 4

Immerse yourself in pristine wilderness

Direct immersion in pristine wilderness provides opportunities for individuals to genuinely relax, be present and open their hearts to the beauty and mystery of our natural world.

Discover deep ecology

Through a set of 12 simple, yet powerful principles, supported by numerous experiential practices, people are gently guided to cut through their perception of separation. This inaccurate perception of separation denies the principles of deep ecology, which informs us that everything is interdependent and interconnected. In the video below, John explains how “Our spiritual traditions have to shift … to give people that experience of all life as family.”

Sacred Land Trust Appeal

Protect sacred sites

As the developed world and our technological societies continue to hit the wall environmentally, it is increasingly important to protect Sacred Sites throughout the entire world. We must not only protect them but we must “re-learn” how to relate to them. At this very moment, The Way of Nature is facing a challenge from developers and a potential gold mining operation. We must raise funds to preserve and protect the southeastern border of our Gaia Sanctuary and Sacred Land Trust in the Sangre de Christo Mountains of Colorado. You can help us NOW – Contact: or

We invite you to view the following eight minute appeal from John P. Milton and supporters.

Any help that you can give to us in the protection of this land will play a major role in bringing our culture back into balance and harmony with the rest of life. – John P. Milton