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Lynne Twist on “Changing the Game” – a May 11 Tele-seminar

Lynne Twist Mobilizers Call
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Drawing from her decades of diverse global experience, Lynne Twist will share effective mobilizing skills for creating a new future. Lynne is  Co-Creator of FOUR YEARS.GO and Founder of The Pachamama Alliance and The Soul of Money Institute.

It is time to “change the game” and transform how we live on this planet. FOUR YEARS.GO (4YG) is a worldwide initiative to refocus humanity’s attention on building a world that works for all of us.

FOUR YEARS. GO. is calling forth the collective will of people throughout the world to accelerate the shift to a just, sustainable, and fulfilling way of living. The 4YG Mobilizers are the driving force of our commitment campaign, expanding and accelerating the global movement for a new future.


Please join us – your participation matters!

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FOUR YEARS.GO. Holds “Game Changing Summit” (video)

This is a profoundly important time in our planet’s history. The Great Turning is underway, and FOUR YEARS.GO. is escalating the momentum to shift the trajectory of our future.


On Monday May 9, FOUR YEARS. GO. held a Changing the Game Summit in San Diego, broadcast live.

View the video of this event (starts @ 3 min. mark):




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Jonathan Budd

In this interactive web broadcast of the Game Changing Summit, leaders Lynne Twist, Jim Kiles, Bill Twist, Jonathan Budd, Jim Kwik, Jim Bunch, and others discuss what’s in the works to engage one billion people to participate in the movement to change the course of human history and ensure a thriving, just, and sustainable life for all.

Please view the video, connect with what you know is yours to take on, in this time of Great Turning, and share this with friends. Encourage everyone you know to share their commitment to a world that works for all, at FOURYEARSGO.ORG!



Learn more about the FOUR YEARS. GO. initiative.


Please join us in taking a stand for a Thriving, Just and Sustainable World for all.


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Mother and Daughter Team Up to Make “Dream a Dream” Music Video for Four Years. Go.

By Susan (Suza) Singh

For many years I have been a passive observer of how we treat each other and the earth. Although I was aware that the current status quo was not sustainable, I never really knew if any contribution that I could make would actually make a difference. I approached several organizations to volunteer, but became disheartened with the restrictive guidelines for getting involved.

About a year ago my daughter started to teach me about becoming environmentally responsible. At first I humored her, thinking to myself, ‘This doesn’t make much of a difference.” Yet the more I reflected about it, the more glad I was that everyone did not have my attitude. We started to adopt various strategies, thinking of new things that we could do to help the planet.

A friend of ours who is involved with Awakening the Dreamer (a program of The Pachamama Alliance) sent us some links to videos of Lynne Twist. I watched a few hours’ worth and really enjoyed them. Lynne said something that struck me: “Whatever it is you do or can do, just do that.” Well, I thought, I do have some skills that might be helpful.

A few months previously, I had registered with Four Years Go. Afterwards I thought, OK, that’s nice – now what’s next? After mulling over the possibilities, I decided to pursue a music project. My daughter Asha has always loved singing and dancing, so this would get her involved with something that sparks her creativity and helps promote a worthy cause.

So, we created a song as a mother-daughter collaboration. I wrote the music; we both wrote the words and melody. Asha sang the lead and I did the backup vocals. She created her own dance moves, and I did the editing. Thus “Dream a Dream” was born.

Our video was such a rewarding project to work on! Its words inspire me:

Dream a dream

We can dream anything

It’s all up to you

Show them just what you can do

I sometimes forget that we can put people on the moon, conduct surgery from the other side of the planet, and halt mighty rivers with our creativity and ingenuity. Our will and passion can overcome the greatest obstacles, our commitment can stir millions of people to great causes, and our vision can travel into new dimensions.

We can be better. It is surely not a case of can we allow the earth to gift us with all its splendor and wonder, but the real question is, will we?

As Asha says: “We can be anything, anything we want to be.’


Suza works under NowLife International as systems strategist, videographer and editor for Area 51 Machine Design. Area 51 is a forward-thinking engineering company looking to create a closed loop hydrogen system for storing wind energy. This would mean the reduction of electricity use from the grid and less reliance on fossil fuels.

Join Lynne Twist on December 10, 2010 for a special conference call

On December 10, from 1-2 pm Pacific time, Lynne Twist, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance and author/founder of The Soul of Money, will host a conference call for people who have “signed” the FOUR YEARS. GO. declaration, committing themselves to shifting the direction of life on Earth to a flourishing and sustainable future for all by the end of 2014 . . . and are ready to activate that commitment by inviting others to sign the declaration too. If you haven’t declared your stand yet, do it now!

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you are ready to help spread the word about FOUR YEARS.GO., you are invited to be personally trained by the co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, Lynne Twist!

The call is designed to inspire and empower anyone who is interested in inviting people around them to make the 4YG commitment. That could mean talking to your mother at a holiday dinner, engaging the members of your Rotary club, setting up a table outside the local market or speaking to thousands of people at a conference you are attending.

People who are actively engaging others and inviting them to take the 4YG stand will be the heart and soul of the success of the FOUR YEARS. GO. Commitment campaign.

Some bold souls will become “4YG Mobilizers,” those precious and audacious ones who will do whatever it takes to ensure that we have enough people from all parts of the globe taking and spreading the 4YG Commitment to cause the success of FOUR YEARS.GO.  Will you be a Mobilizer?

Whether you just want to get some insight into how to raise the subject of humanity’s future with your friends and family, or you are ready to go all out as a “4YG Mobilizer,” please join us for this Conference Call to learn more.