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New Flower of Life: Shifting from thinking to “enheartenment”

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Organization: Lucidipedia

Lucidipedia acknowledges that enlightenment is not enough for humanity anymore; we need to open our hearts and experience “enheartenment!”  As such, our work is dedicated to helping individuals thrive by shifting between thinking and “enheartenment.”

How to?

In you will find a wonderful, free tool that will assist you to experience lucid dreaming, as we learn to prioritize knowing how to live our emotions and recognize them as key for these times.

The Universal Peace Calendar also serves our message by accompanying you every day with a symbol, a little text and a toning sequence to “tune in” in the very meaning of the word featured that day.

These are both inspired by a deep experience, a lucid personal dream, which carried a message of Jeshua: the affirmation that the shift from thinking to opening our hearts begins now as the new flower of life!