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Germany’s Green Energy Plan: “Laboratory of ‘Green Growth’”

In an article published on May 9th, Christian Schwägerl brings attention to the new Energy Plan being put forward by Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Merkel said the Fukushima disaster “has forever changed the way we define risk in Germany” and has now committed that country to a path that, if successful, would mean that by 2030 green electricity would be the dominant source of power for German factories and households.

Given that Ms. Merkel is from the “conservative” side of Germany’s political spectrum, this is especially astounding and heartening news!

Below are a couple of quotes from the article, which is well worth reading in its entirety. (Thank you to Paul ray for bringing this to my attention.)


“In mid-March, Merkel stunned the German public and other governments by announcing an accelerated phasing out of all 17 German nuclear reactors as an immediate reaction to the Fukushima disaster in Japan. The chancellor now says she wants to slash the use of coal, speed up approvals for renewable energy investments, and reduce CO2 emissions drastically. That means that the 81 million Germans living between the North Sea and the Alps are supposed to cover their huge energy needs from wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass within a few decades.


… That makes Germany the world’s most important laboratory of “green growth.” No other country belonging to the G20 club of economic powers has a comparable agenda.”

What will it take to get every country’s leader to take a stand like this one? Yep. It will take the united vast collective will of humanity standing up and saying, “We aren’t going along with business as usual! We refuse to be manipulated into continuing on the path to collapse. We choose to live for the future of all life, not just for a selfish moment of wealth for a few.”

What a time to be alive! Together we are exploring what it means to self-generate the turning toward a Just, Thriving and Sustainable Future!

Lynne Twist on “Changing the Game” – a May 11 Tele-seminar

Lynne Twist Mobilizers Call
RecordingClick here to download

Drawing from her decades of diverse global experience, Lynne Twist will share effective mobilizing skills for creating a new future. Lynne is  Co-Creator of FOUR YEARS.GO and Founder of The Pachamama Alliance and The Soul of Money Institute.

It is time to “change the game” and transform how we live on this planet. FOUR YEARS.GO (4YG) is a worldwide initiative to refocus humanity’s attention on building a world that works for all of us.

FOUR YEARS. GO. is calling forth the collective will of people throughout the world to accelerate the shift to a just, sustainable, and fulfilling way of living. The 4YG Mobilizers are the driving force of our commitment campaign, expanding and accelerating the global movement for a new future.


Please join us – your participation matters!

To register for the call, click here.

Questions? Contact

FOUR YEARS.GO. Holds “Game Changing Summit” (video)

This is a profoundly important time in our planet’s history. The Great Turning is underway, and FOUR YEARS.GO. is escalating the momentum to shift the trajectory of our future.


On Monday May 9, FOUR YEARS. GO. held a Changing the Game Summit in San Diego, broadcast live.

View the video of this event (starts @ 3 min. mark):




Video streaming by Ustream

Jonathan Budd

In this interactive web broadcast of the Game Changing Summit, leaders Lynne Twist, Jim Kiles, Bill Twist, Jonathan Budd, Jim Kwik, Jim Bunch, and others discuss what’s in the works to engage one billion people to participate in the movement to change the course of human history and ensure a thriving, just, and sustainable life for all.

Please view the video, connect with what you know is yours to take on, in this time of Great Turning, and share this with friends. Encourage everyone you know to share their commitment to a world that works for all, at FOURYEARSGO.ORG!



Learn more about the FOUR YEARS. GO. initiative.


Please join us in taking a stand for a Thriving, Just and Sustainable World for all.


Watch the videoFOURYEARSGO.orgTwitterFacebook

Jonathan Budd at 4YG Mobilizers Summit: “Is there something bigger we can step up to?”

The FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizer Virtual Summit on April 16th brought together a learning community of Mobilizers who are spreading the message of FOUR YEARS. GO. through the arts, media, special events, and one-on-one conversations.


Mobilizer and Mom Speaks Out

Attendee Hana Bakir, proud mom and FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizer, talks about what motivates her commitment to this work.



How FOUR YEARS. GO. Lives in Hana Bakir | Powerful Visions from the Heart from FOUR YEARS. GO. on Vimeo.


Jonathan Budd’s address at the Mobilizers Summit


More inspiration from the Summit: Keynote speaker Jonathan Budd is an internet marketing expert and the visionary behind the upcoming “MyStand” Four Years. Go. social networking platform. The following is excerpted from his talk:


JONATHAN BUDD: Hi, everyone. I’m stoked about the Mobilizers and the momentum that is building. I think this is one of the most powerful components of any campaign. What would this be if no one was out there talking about it? It is incredibly important what we are doing here.

We are all working now on a conversation to reach a billion people in 4 years and literally shift the direction of humanity.


Jonathan Budd


How I Got Involved


Here’s the story of how I came to be involved in this. One day I happened to check Facebook, which I seldom ever do. I do a lot of work in network and internet marketing, and I have 5,000 friends and 25,000 fans. So I seldom check my Facebook messages – it’s just too much. But on this particular day I saw a message from a friend, inviting me to attend an Awakening the Dreamer symposium (a project of The Pachamama Alliance).


The first thought in my head was, “What the heck is this?” I’m a fairly busy man, without a lot of free time for something like that. Something like that doesn’t even come under my radar 99% of the time. But for some reason that I don’t even know, I simply responded to her message with, “Yeah, I’ll be there. Do you want to carpool?”


In the first few minutes of the session, my heart blew open and I totally got why I was there. It’s not that all of this was new information – I have been passionate about the cause of global transformation for awhile now. But it was the heart, the soul, the power of the conversation that got to me.


The power of your vision


A key learning for me is: you’ve got to start with having a powerful vision for yourself. The power of your vision inspires people and draws them into any conversations that you are having. How big you are seeing this thing, and how big you see your role in it, is literally like a tractor beam that can magnetize people’s involvement in this conversation.


Stepping up

So I challenge you with the question: How can you take your personal vision to the next level? Where can you commit even more in your own personal vision?


Are we settling? Are we saying, “It’s good enough”? Or is there something bigger we can step up to?


If we are going to reach 1 billion people in 4 years and shift the direction of humanity, then it is our responsibility to figure out how to speak people’s language and communicate in a way that people who are not already engaged in this conversation will choose to be involved.


Sparking transformation through information – then and now


Long ago, humanity shifted from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance in 30 years. It was funded primarily by one family, and fueled by one technological invention: the Gutenberg printing press. Just 30 years later, an entirely new era began, due to the spread of information.


The internet is this era’s invention that makes it possible to share information and spark transformation on a global scale.


Deepening the Conversation

Until consciousness changes, the right actions will not flow from it. Consciousness changes first – then action comes.

We want to move people deeper into the conversation. From there is where some real magic happens.


Join the community of Mobilizers from around the world, working to bring about a future worth having. To learn more, email

Join the Virtual Summit for FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizers: April 16th, 2011

Help mobilize the critical mass that will bring about the positive tipping point in humanity’s future, from wherever you are.

The Mobilizers are the precious and audacious people who are leading the expansion of the FOUR YEARS. GO. declaration worldwide, honoring our commitment to create a new future for humanity by the end of 2014.

Join others like you from all parts of the globe at the first FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizer Virtual Summit on Saturday, April 16th in two separate schedules to accomodate different time zones. Find the registration links below.

Special Guests:

Jonathan Budd

Jonathan Budd, internet marketing expert and the visionary behind the upcoming “MyStand” 4YG social network, will be our special guest presenter. Jonathan is a MASTER at empowering others to create unpredictable and sometimes miraculous results for what they are committed to, so plan on getting a serious jolt of inspiration!

In addition to hearing from Jonathan, the sessions will include key updates and interactive components. A recording of the portions that do not involve break-out groups will also be made available.

Lee Lorenzen

Lee Lorenzen is a well known Entrepreneur who has used the Internet as an effective tool for marketing and building teams and businesses. Most recently Lee has created the amazingly successful “Rock Candy Revolution” on Facebook that achieved 135,000 fans in 30 days in support of the people involved in the “Revolutions” taking place in the Middle East.

Lee is an expert on how the Egyptian democracy movement emerged on the “I Am Khaled Said” Facebook page and how the movement managed its mobilizers using Facebook. Lee’s FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizers Summit talk will focus on using Facebook as a tool to build and mobilize large networks.

Register for the sessions that works best for you:

9am-12pm Pacific time:

5pm-8pm Pacific time:

Share this blog post with your networks and help us spread the word.

If you have questions, contact

Young Woman Organizes “Concert for Our Future”

When 23-year-old Jessica Keener got lit up by FOUR YEARS. GO., she wanted to do something unique to spread its message. With her background of working with musical artists, an idea took root to gather creative talent in a shared venture.  One thing led to another – and a benefit concert was born.

The Concert for Our Future will take place on March 24 at 7:00 pm, at Rhythms of the Night in Manville, NJ. The concert is headlined by Aaron Carter, with performances by Greg Raposo, Ghost in the Woods, and Lexi – plus other special guests. A meet and greet follows the concert.

Get tickets now through BrownPaperTickets.Com.


Mother and Daughter Team Up to Make “Dream a Dream” Music Video for Four Years. Go.

By Susan (Suza) Singh

For many years I have been a passive observer of how we treat each other and the earth. Although I was aware that the current status quo was not sustainable, I never really knew if any contribution that I could make would actually make a difference. I approached several organizations to volunteer, but became disheartened with the restrictive guidelines for getting involved.

About a year ago my daughter started to teach me about becoming environmentally responsible. At first I humored her, thinking to myself, ‘This doesn’t make much of a difference.” Yet the more I reflected about it, the more glad I was that everyone did not have my attitude. We started to adopt various strategies, thinking of new things that we could do to help the planet.

A friend of ours who is involved with Awakening the Dreamer (a program of The Pachamama Alliance) sent us some links to videos of Lynne Twist. I watched a few hours’ worth and really enjoyed them. Lynne said something that struck me: “Whatever it is you do or can do, just do that.” Well, I thought, I do have some skills that might be helpful.

A few months previously, I had registered with Four Years Go. Afterwards I thought, OK, that’s nice – now what’s next? After mulling over the possibilities, I decided to pursue a music project. My daughter Asha has always loved singing and dancing, so this would get her involved with something that sparks her creativity and helps promote a worthy cause.

So, we created a song as a mother-daughter collaboration. I wrote the music; we both wrote the words and melody. Asha sang the lead and I did the backup vocals. She created her own dance moves, and I did the editing. Thus “Dream a Dream” was born.

Our video was such a rewarding project to work on! Its words inspire me:

Dream a dream

We can dream anything

It’s all up to you

Show them just what you can do

I sometimes forget that we can put people on the moon, conduct surgery from the other side of the planet, and halt mighty rivers with our creativity and ingenuity. Our will and passion can overcome the greatest obstacles, our commitment can stir millions of people to great causes, and our vision can travel into new dimensions.

We can be better. It is surely not a case of can we allow the earth to gift us with all its splendor and wonder, but the real question is, will we?

As Asha says: “We can be anything, anything we want to be.’


Suza works under NowLife International as systems strategist, videographer and editor for Area 51 Machine Design. Area 51 is a forward-thinking engineering company looking to create a closed loop hydrogen system for storing wind energy. This would mean the reduction of electricity use from the grid and less reliance on fossil fuels.

Join Lynne Twist on December 10, 2010 for a special conference call

On December 10, from 1-2 pm Pacific time, Lynne Twist, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance and author/founder of The Soul of Money, will host a conference call for people who have “signed” the FOUR YEARS. GO. declaration, committing themselves to shifting the direction of life on Earth to a flourishing and sustainable future for all by the end of 2014 . . . and are ready to activate that commitment by inviting others to sign the declaration too. If you haven’t declared your stand yet, do it now!

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you are ready to help spread the word about FOUR YEARS.GO., you are invited to be personally trained by the co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, Lynne Twist!

The call is designed to inspire and empower anyone who is interested in inviting people around them to make the 4YG commitment. That could mean talking to your mother at a holiday dinner, engaging the members of your Rotary club, setting up a table outside the local market or speaking to thousands of people at a conference you are attending.

People who are actively engaging others and inviting them to take the 4YG stand will be the heart and soul of the success of the FOUR YEARS. GO. Commitment campaign.

Some bold souls will become “4YG Mobilizers,” those precious and audacious ones who will do whatever it takes to ensure that we have enough people from all parts of the globe taking and spreading the 4YG Commitment to cause the success of FOUR YEARS.GO.  Will you be a Mobilizer?

Whether you just want to get some insight into how to raise the subject of humanity’s future with your friends and family, or you are ready to go all out as a “4YG Mobilizer,” please join us for this Conference Call to learn more.

First FOUR YEARS. GO. Gathering of Volunteers and Leaders

From July 25th to July 27th, we had our first face to face FOUR YEAR. GO. gathering in Tiburon, Marine County, CA, thanks to the generosity and hospitality of Lori Grace, who received us at her home for all this time.

Since the launch of FOUR YEARS. GO., many of us had been working very close, teaming up to ignite the global conversation that will ultimately get us to change our ways, and create the Global shift the world so desperately needs.

After all this months of hard work, many of us hadn’t even met!  For three days, we got a chance to meet, bond,

Us during a session

create community and take FOUR YEARS. GO. to the next level. People flew in from all parts of the country and the world; we had participants from D.C, New York, Ohio, Canada, UK, and many more. Many participants tuned in live via the Internet, getting a chance to participate from home. Over 60 participants total!

Let’s start by saying: boy was it intense! There was so much to be done! The first couple of days went by with hard work in the deeper, foundational levels. What is the ultimate purpose of FOUR YEARS. GO.? Where do we stand right now? Is FOUR YEARS. GO. for me? It was a very diverse group: different background, skills and ways, but ultimately, we all believed in the same underlying truth. The current ways of the world need to transform, and humanity is ready to make that change, even if they don’t know it yet.  We are faced with a moment of unique urgency but also of unique opportunity: we can shift the course of history into a world of social justice, spiritual fulfillment and environmental sustainability. After much deliberation, and getting to know each other we were ready for the next step: fine-tuning our mission, vision, goals.

What do we see happening if FOUR YEARS. GO. succeeds? How can we know? What needs to happen? The third day was dedicated to setting the needed structure to take the message of FOUR YEARS. GO. out into the world. This meant recognizing our necessities, creating new teams, setting goals and establishing long lasting plans for growth and inclusion.

The Group the last daySoon We’ll be able to introduce in full extent the new teams, goals, as well as keep you updated on all our activities! FOUR YEARS. GO.  is happening now!

We take this opportunity to thank and recognize the hard work that many of FOUR YEARS. GO. members put in organizing this gathering. Without the effort, passion and commitment of Mark Bachelder, Nancy Polend, Ray Murray, Marilyn Levin, Lyn Jeffress, Nirvana Cable, and so many others, this couldn’t have been possible. Thanks to Sahna Wicks for not only providing incredible food, but incredible presence with her generosity and involvement.

Again, thank you.

FOUR YEARS. GO. At Dolores Huerta’s Birthday!

Last Weekend, the Dolores Huerta celebrated her 80th Birthday in BIG, with the Weaving Movements Together benefit concert at the Greek Theater in L.A.

Dolores Huerta Concert

It was a great night honoring this incredible civil rights leader and all the wonderful changes we’ve witnessed since the beginning of her fight for equality and social justice. The event, produced by Events for Change, was a great celebration all on its own, but is was a particularly amazing celebration for FOUR YEARS. GO., because, as the E2k website states, “The message throughout the evening was summarized by the closing video, (the) Four Years. Go! Video!”

Among the invited guests where Dolores Huerta, Danny Glover, Martin Sheen, Van Jones, Mayor Antonio Villararigosa, Carlos Santana, Zach de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine), Lila Downs, Pete Escovedo, Benjamin Bratt, Jodie Evans, Ida Coleman, Alfre Woodward, Jackie Guerra, Ed Begley Jr., and others.

What an amazing opportunity to get our message out there!! We are very thankful for this amazing chance!

Visit the Dolores Huerta Foundation >>

Online Campaign to Fight Corruption by Gains Momentum

FOUR YEARS. GO. would like to bring to you a message from Avaaz. is a 5.5-million-person global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people shape global decision-making. (“Avaaz” means “voice” or “song” in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; their team is spread across 13 countries on 4 continents and operates in 14 languages.

Dear friends,

A massive online campaign by the Avaaz community in Brazil has just won a stunning victory against corruption.

The “clean record” law was a bold proposal that banned any politician convicted of crimes like corruption and money laundering from running for office. With nearly 25% of the Congress under investigation for corruption, most said it would never pass. But after Avaaz launched the largest online campaign in Brazilian history, helping to build a petition of over 2 million signatures, 500,000 online actions, and tens of thousands of phone calls, we won!

Avaaz members fought corrupt congressmen daily as they tried every trick in the book to kill, delay, amend, and weaken the bill, and won the day every time. The bill passed Congress, and already over 330 candidates for office face disqualification!

One Brazilian member wrote to us when the law was passed, saying:

“I have never been as proud of the Brazilian people as I am today! Congratulations to all that have signed. Today I feel like an actual citizen with political power.” — Silvia

Our strategy in Brazil was simple: make a solution so popular and visible that it can’t be opposed, and be so vigilant that we can’t be ignored.

This victory shows what our community can do – at a national level, in developing nations, and on the awful problem of corruption. Anywhere in the world, we can build legislative proposals to clean up corruption in government, back them up with massive citizen support, and fight legislators who try to block them.

avaaz.orgFrance’s Le Monde called our “impressive and unprecedented petition” campaign a “spectacular political and moral victory for civil society.” And while this victory may be a first, we can make it the precedent for global citizen action.

Amazingly, our entire Brazil campaign was made possible by just a couple of Avaaz team members, serving over 600,000 Avaaz members in Brazil. The power of the Avaaz model is that technology can enable a tiny team to help millions of people work together on the most pressing issues. It’s one of the most powerful ways a small donation can make a difference in the world.

5.6 million of us are reading this email — if a small fraction of us donate just $3 or $5 per week, or 50 cents per day, the entire Avaaz team will be funded and we can even expand our work on corruption and a range of issues. Click below to become a Sustainer of Avaaz and help take our anti-corruption campaigning global:

We’ve seen the heart-wrenching movies about street kids and desperate urban poverty in Brazil, and we know that across the world political corruption preys on our communities and saps human potential. In Brazil, our community has helped turn the tide and usher in a new era of transparent, accountable politics. Let’s seize the opportunity and begin to fight corruption everywhere it’s needed today.

With hope,

Ricken, Luis, Graziela, David, Ben, Maria Paz, Benjamin and the entire Avaaz Team


The Economist, “Cleaning up. A campaign against corruption”:
The Rio Times, “Anti-Corruption Law in Effect This Year”:

The story of Brazil’s Clean Record law has yet to be told widely in English language media. Here are a few stories in other languages that capture the campaign:

Le Monde, “Operation “clean sheet” in Brazil”: (French)
Correio Braziliense, “The arrival of 2.0 activists”: (Portuguese)

Cho Cho Kyaw Nyein, Nay Ye Ba Swe and Mya Than Than Nu Attempt Election in Burma

Burmese-democracy-activistsCho Cho Kyaw Nyein, Nay Ye Ba Swe and Mya Than Than Nu are democracy activists from Myanmar (Burma.) All of them along side with the well-known Aung San Suu Kyi are daughters of former Burmese Prime Ministers. When the military junta took power in 1962, they were sent to jail with their fathers. Due to electoral laws passed in order to prevent Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi from participating in the election, her party National League for Democracy decided to boycott the election. However, the three activists took different steps. Their currently established Democratic party will take part in this year elections. There is, however, little hope for this brand new party. Tight budget and little political capacity make their organization look fragile against the mighty military regime. Nonetheless, the activists hope that getting people to vote, for any party, will be a little step towards the bigger democratic improvements. The people of Burma have not voted since 1990. Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi great victory in the 1990 election was dismissed by the military regime.

Read more about Cho Cho Kyaw Nyein, Nay Ye Ba Swe and Mya Than Than Nu’s personal stories and Burmese political situation on The Guardian >>

50 Homemade Beauty Recipes from Planet Green!

Following FOUR YEARS. GO.’s call to change the world for better, many of us strive to improve even the smallest things in our lives. Some followers of our FOUR YEARS. GO.’s Facebook site have shared cool stuffs like how to make recycled paper from discarded paper. Now, FOUR YEARS. GO. wants to share back to our readers an amazing article from Planet Green!

FlowersLadies! Have you ever thought about how those cosmetic products that you use everyday were made? Have you ever want to try to make them yourselves? “No way!!!” you may talk to yourself. But hey, now Planet Green has 50 recipes to help you make from shampoo to perfume and foot care! We know that our ladies here care deeply about the environment and you all deserve to be beautiful and taken care of! Why don’t we have some fun by making some of our own cosmetic products and buy less from the expensive commercial product lines? Now, these product formulas are designed to be fairly cheap and easy to make using simple ingredients. Maybe, while having fun making our beauty products, we can be aware that the commercial products are not always the greenest and safest cosmetic alternatives to our bodies.

And gentlemen, don’t be shy! You can try them too! There are plenty of recipes for you to use, including cologne and aftershave for men!

Well, now let’s the fun begin!!! We would like to thank Planet Green for posting these 50 amazing recipes! Please read more on their article for appreciate the full range of products you can try yourself at home. Have fun!!!

FOUR YEARS. GO. and Global Environmental Organizations Call to Abort Coal Plant Construction in Malaysia

Coal Plant 2

FOUR YEARS. GO. and other international conservationist organizations including Green SURF, and Wiser Earth are calling on the Malaysian government to abort the construction of a coal-fired power plant in Lahad Datu, Malaysia. The organizations praised Malaysia’s commitments to curb down carbon emission up to 40% by 2020 and efforts to implement cleaner energy alternatives. They also noted that Malaysia was still leaning towards fossil fuel to generate power. Among activists that wrote to the Malaysian government were Julia Butterfly Hill from America and John Seed, the founder of Rainforest Information Centre from Autralia. World Land Trust, Women’s Earth Alliance, SOS Borneo and portal also shared their concerning voices.

Read more at The Star »

Our Berkeley Fundraising Gala

On June 20th we had our first FOUR YEARS. GO. Fundraiser Gala in Berkeley, CA. The event, filled with Music, Food, & Art, was intended to support the work of The Communitree and the Four Years. Go. Campaign.


And what a great night! We were blessed with the presence of many incredible people, including speakers such as Carl Anthony, an environmental justice hero and founder of the Urban Habitat Program, and Cynthia Ong, a community eco-activist and founder of L.E.A.P, via Skype. We enjoyed building community through, song, dance, celebration and ceremony.

The result? After our so-called ”Four Year Tree” Father’s Day Gala we are now more able to take our work to the next level, building infrastructure and programs, which will truly uplift our world at this pivotal time. Their donation will help accelerate the worldwide spread of the FOUR YEARS. GO. message by funding the continued development of state-of-the-art web technology, new inspirational videos, translation of materials and broad dissemination of the campaign globally. It will also support community based programs, projects, art action and events hosted by Communitree.

Once again, we thank you for your contribution to change the course of history!