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Cool Planet Labs develops EcoNavigator–Online climate change collaboration tool

Organization: Cool Planet Labs
Carolyn M. Scott

Cool Planet Labs is devoted to the application of massive scale online collaboration to address climate change, including the discovery of new climate change solutions and the distribution and dissemination of existing solutions. We are committed to helping environmental organizations and scientific/engineering organizations reach, educate and motivate large audiences and to foment a sea change through environmental action. Our approach includes cutting-edge social networking solutions and proven means of building online communities.

The Cool Planet Labs Emmy Award winning team is well recognized by industry specialists as thought leaders in the field of interactive media, its creative solutions and technological achievements.

We are developing an immersive, web based environment called EcoNavigator, a geo-global visual/collaborative environment, to creatively engage participants in finding and implementing solutions to the climate crisis.

This multi-media platform will be the next generation in social media, using a rich, green Wikipedia-like interactive framework, allowing participants the ability to explore, discover and implement climate solutions.