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Take the Northwest Earth Institute EcoChallenge

Organization: Northwest Earth Institute
Kerry Lyles

The Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) invites you to register for the 2010 EcoChallenge—a two week event aimed at inspiring people to take action on sustainability issues. The EcoChallenge promotes sustainable living and the power of taking one step toward a healthy, vibrant future. The EcoChallenge will take place October 1-15. Registration is now open.

“The Northwest Earth Institute is committed to inspiring change and teaching people how to make smart, sustainable choices,” said Mike Mercer, Executive Director of the Northwest Earth Institute. “The EcoChallenge is a great opportunity for us to show people how to form new habits with the earth in mind. Making changes in your life can be simple. We are challenging people to change one small habit that, collectively and over time, will have a major impact.”

Participants in the EcoChallenge commit to making one lifestyle change that promotes sustainability. Challengers can choose from the following categories: water conservation, energy efficiency, alternative transportation, waste reduction and sustainable food choices.

Organizations, community groups, neighborhoods and groups of friends are welcome to create a team and participate in the EcoChallenge together–individuals are also welcome!

Please see for more information!