Stories Of The Shift Guidelines

When submitting a story to be included in “Stories of the Shift” to the Four Years. Go website, use the following guidelines:


1. Choose an inspiring venture or initiative that has been operating for some time and has a proven track record for making meaningful change happen and inspiring others to do the same. Do not submit events that have not yet occurred or ideas that have not yet produced any measurable results.


2. If you are involved in the initiative be sure to eliminate any promotional language. Be factual without embellishment.


3. Describe how the initiative or project is adding to the shift or has contributed to its beginning. This gives the viewer a perspective in context to the paradigm shift we see as underway, even if in the very early stages.


4. Submit a brief narrative that starts with how this story fits into the Four Years. Go mission and/or “Stories of the Shift.” As a guideline keep the word count under 500 words.


5. Each submission should include a video about the venture so viewers can get a good idea of what the venture is about. If a video is not available, include a graphic photo or illustration for visual identification.


6. Send submissions – narrative and graphic/video attachment – to and put “Stories submission” in the subject line.