The Great Turning

The Great Turning isn’t something that is yet to come — it’s already underway.

The good news is that a new cultural story is emerging at this time in history… one of connection and the understanding that we are part of – not separate from — the web of life. This understanding creates new possibilities for our future.



The Emerging Shift

Eco-philosopher Joanna Macy calls this moment in history “The Great Turning.” It refers to a paradigm shift away from an unsustainable industrial growth society toward a sustainable, life-affirming global community.

We are in the early stages of this shift. There are more organizations worldwide working for the greater good than ever before and new ones are emerging on a daily basis. It has become a movement – and thousands of people around the world each day are joining and mobilizing.

Once you become aware of this movement for global change, you will see it everywhere. It will be impossible to ignore and will create the shift necessary to turn the tide of human history.



Joanna Macy’s Three Arenas of Action for The Great Turning

Joanna Macy identifies three kinds of actions that will be necessary to accelerate the Great Turning—the transition from what she terms an “industrial growth society” to a life-sustaining society:

1. ‘Holding’ actions, to slow destruction—like protesting a dam to save a local river or protesting job discrimination.

2. Creating alternative actions and new infrastructures—institutions, networks and communities—such as sustainable co-ops, community gardens, clean energy sources, etc.

3. Spiritual and cognitive shifts in perception—like speaking a new story of possibility through workshops, art, music and conversations—changing consciousness of how we see the world and ourselves.



Resources for Bringing about The Great Turning

Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium
Inspiring environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human life around the world.

Generation Waking Up
“A generation rising between an old world dying and a new world being born. We are the ‘make-it or break-it’ generation, the ‘all-or-nothing’ generation, the crucible through which civilization must pass or crash.”



Generation Waking Up: Igniting a Movement

Awakening Earth
Resources/change indicators in global consciousness, voluntary simplicity, media activism.

The Great Turning
Changing the defining stories of the prevailing culture, and about navigating the new economy.

Small Planet Institute
Strives to bring to light the emergence of “living democracy.” Positive stories about participatory democracy and sustainability. All about solving life’s problems on a small scale.

Alliance for a New Humanity
Connecting people through personal and social transformation to build a just, peaceful, and sustainable world.