The Challenge


In 2008 MIT reviewed 8 different world future scenarios, and none was judged to be sustainable in the long run.


The very fabric of life that human society depends upon is being destroyed. We are experiencing a mass species extinction event. The stability of the climate-regulating natural world is under threat. Income and wealth are so unevenly distributed that billions of people are subjected to truly inhumane conditions, and face no prospect of living a healthy and fulfilling life.


A Focus on Solutions


A shift is already underway. A Great Turning, a global transition, is gaining momentum. Fueled by millions of organizations and individuals, a new sustainable, just and thriving way of life is beginning to emerge.


Solutions already exist to meet the challenges we face – now we need to get busy identifying what works and doing lots more of it.


Live the Change


Learn more and take action in your own life to transform humanity’s presence on the planet – at personal, community, institutional and global levels.


• Inform and engage others through conversations that matter.


• Make daily choices that lessen your impacts on the Earth.


Use your spending to bring about change.


• Focus on and support the systems-level changes that are vital to shifting humanity’s direction.



Each of us has a unique role to play in bringing about the shift. Bring your particular interests, talents and opportunities to this vital work of shifting our planet’s future.


“Your planet needs you!”
—Jon Symes