Sudden Shifts


We stand on the brink of our greatest challenge: to redirect the path of humanity so that our well-being and survival are assured – and to do it in time.

Humanity is in a constant state of evolution, growing and developing incrementally every day. At rare points in history our development takes an evolutionary leap forward – in our world views, values, social and political structures, and ways of life – that moves us from one era to the next.

There is mounting evidence that we are nearing such a point in history. More and more people believe that we are in the early stages of a shift to a new era of mutuality, sustainability and vitality.


Tipping Point

We have demonstrated time and again that we have the will and power to transform who we are and how we live. While transformations of this nature present tremendous challenges, they also present vast opportunities. Aligning our actions with our highest aspirations, we can ensure a thriving existence for generations to come.

Social change usually occurs when many people take small, often unseen actions over time to create the platform for the seemingly instant changes we see. What this means is that any day can be a “tipping point.”

Although we have created systems that are often unsustainable and inhumane, we have also displayed massive creativity, courage and compassion in our efforts to fix the resulting problems. People the world over are rising to the challenge with passion and hope.



When the Seemingly “Impossible” Becomes Real

Things can and do change overnight — big things!

Recently the world was reminded of this by events that unfolded rapidly in Egypt. It took only 17 days for the Egyptian people to create a massive shift in their government. Protests began on January 25, 2011; President Mubarek stepped down from power just two and a half weeks later. A constitutional referendum was not even two months following the start of the protests.



“Many years ago I interviewed Desmond Tutu, prior to the end of apartheid… and he kept saying ‘when we end apartheid.’ I kept thinking, ‘Yeah right,’ like, ‘Dream on….’ I thought, ‘Not in your lifetime.’ …And lo and behold, a year and a half later it was over. So it was really a profound lesson about what can happen when the will of people aligns.” —Catherine Ingram