The Reskilling movement is bringing resilience-based tools, practical knowledge and land-based wisdom back into human culture.


As part of bringing about a shift in trajectory for the future of life on Earth, many of us will learn or re-learn some of the skills and knowledge that our great-grandparents’ generation knew.


See what is possible on one tenth of a single city acre!





The term “Reskilling” is used in a particular way in the Transition movement. It includes everything from jam making, to how to build a composting toilet, to how to grow beets in Colorado, to bee keeping, to tree grafting, to soil building, and the list goes on.


Many of the basic skills taken from previous generations have been lost. Working and learning together, we can re-skill our selves and our communities.


Visit these sites to find programs near you:


The Great Reskilling


Transition Culture


Skilling Up for Power Down:  there is a wealth of information in this 10-week Transition Culture course, preparing to live beyond oil.