Nurturing Hope

Hope fuels our action and our determination to do whatever it takes 
to shift humanity’s direction toward a desirable future.


The Earthday Card – a Possible Future. from Anita Sancha on Vimeo.


The Limitations of Hope

The dictionary defines hope as a feeling or chance that something desirable is likely to happen or be true, or as something that seems likely to bring success or relief.

If all we did was put our faith in the hope that things will get better – or that we will succeed in having some relief from the situation we have, as a species, created for ourselves and all beings, then we would likely fail.


“What gives me hope? I believe that this is the moment when the human species can rise to its full potential. We have now created for ourselves the greatest challenge we have ever faced, and I think there are latent potentialities within us that have never been activated that can now be realized.”
—David Ulansey


Shifting from Hope to Certainty

A new way of seeing the world is emerging in the modern world. But is it really possible to change the dream – to literally alter the course of history? There are those who would argue that it’s impossible. They say that entrenched interests are too deep and powerful – that there are too few of us, and not enough time.

When we look, however, at the sheer number of organizations and individuals dedicated to the awakening of humanity, it becomes clear that our drive toward a world that works for everyone is much greater than our drive toward destruction.


“Currently we’re not sustainable as a species. No good bettor would bet on us as a species the way we’re going. Can we change? Absolutely. Our species changes when it has to and that’s where I find hope in the despair of the situation. I think that there’s a driven-ness in our species and a creativity in our species and a capacity to let go, to start over, to forgive, therefore, that we’ve barely begun to tap.” – Matthew Fox


“But we have only begun to love the earth.

We have only begun to imagine the fullness of life.

So much is in the bud.”

—Denise Levertov