Grow and Eat Local – and Try “Slow Food”

Support sustainable agriculture by eating locally-grown foods – and if you can, growing your own food.


Find – or start – a Community Garden. This contributes to food security, better nutrition, and safer, more friendly neighborhoods.


Shop at Farmers’ Markets. Food is fresher, cheaper and healthier than commercially processed foods, and is far better for the planet. Farmers’ Markets also support local economies, putting dollars back into the hands of people who will keep them in your community.


Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Subscribe to regular deliveries of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables (and other foods) right to your door or to a neighborhood “drop off spot.” By combining your buying power with your neighbors, you support your local economy and save precious resources by using a collective delivery system rather than making single trips to the market.


Join the “Eat Local” movement! Click here to enter your zip code and find locally grown food near you.




The Slow Food Movement

“Slow food unites the pleasure of food with responsibility, sustainability, and harmony with nature.” —Carlo Petrini

Along with the personal benefits to health and well-being, Slow Food is a long-term sensible action for the planet.

Slow Food works in 150 countries around the world to preserve food biodiversity, bringing together networks committed to food, their community, and the environment.

Terra Madre – The Food Communities Network works to preserve taste and biodiversity. They link people and organizations involved at all levels of the food supply chain to support of sustainable agriculture, fishing and breeding.