The Earth has vast amounts of water – yet very little of it is drinkable.




“Over one billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water,
and over three billion have no access to sanitation.”
—Alexandra Cousteau



National Geographic reports in on Freshwater Rivers.


• Underground water is being used for irrigation much faster than it is being replaced.

• Millions of hectares of farmland are productive only because they can be irrigated by pumping water from below Earth’s surface.


Huge pools of sub-surface fresh water that took millions of years to collect are being drained in just a matter of decades.


 ”It is predicted that by 2030, the demand in our world 
for water
will outstrip supply by 40%.”  —Maude Barlow





Take Action! Measure Your Water Footprint 


Water is an essential part of our daily lives. How many gallons a day do you use?



Watch this short film from Charity Water, an organization successfully raising money to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations:



Water on the Table asks whether water is a “commercial good like running shoes or Coca-Cola? Or, is water a human right like air?




The idea of “water justice” is based on the principle that water is a public trust and part of the global commons. Visit Blue Planet Project to learn more about water justice.