In ravaging our ancient forests, we have disconnected from natural systems that have sustained humanity – body and spirit – since the dawn of human existence.


Since the beginning of the Industrial Age we’ve eliminated nearly half of our forests. Of the forests that remain, most are small, highly disturbed fragments of the fully functioning ecosystems they once were.



View current real time statistics on forest loss.

Trees play a vital role in our planet’s natural cycles. They remove heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and add oxygen to the atmosphere. They provide habitat for other plants and animals. They hold soil in place and return nutrients to the soil.

When forests are degraded or destroyed:

• Both animals and humans lose access to food, shelter and energy.

• Biodiversity is put at risk.

• More heat-trapping carbon enters the atmosphere.

…and so much more…


See a visual of the disappearing rain forests.



Solutions Include:


• protect and restore our forests


• recycle, and use recycled products


• manage forests sustainably


• urban tree planting






See how L.A.’s Tree People turned a neighborhood flood hazard zone into a green oasis: