Your Eco-footprint

Find out how many Earths it takes to sustain your lifestyle – and what you can do to reduce your impact.



Each of us has an impact on the Earth’s living systems. Your Ecological Footprint is a way of measuring how your life choices affect our present-day environment, as well as our planet’s capacity to sustain life into the future.


“How Many Earths?” Learn about Your Personal Impacts

Measure your Ecological Footprint! Discover your largest areas of resource consumption and how many Earths it takes to sustain your lifestyle.



Want to make some changes but unsure where to start? Here are some of the main ways to reduce your personal impact on the Earth’s resources through your daily choices:


Be transportation-smart: drive less, drive smart, share rides, and use public transport whenever you can.


Save energy: use compact fluorescent light bulbs, and turn off lights, computers, TVs and other appliances when not in use.


Eat lower on the food chain: whether or not you are to go veggie or vegan, even small adjustments in your food choices add up to a big difference over time.


• Be thoughtful about water use: use low-flow shower heads, sink aerators and low-flush toilets.


Reduce plastic and decrease or eliminate “disposables.” Use your own cloth napkin, non-plastic cup or refillable water bottle and take-home containers.



Make Your Voice Heard!


As individuals, much of our Ecological Footprint is shaped by infrastructure decisions of business leaders and policymakers. Hold your leaders accountable for taking actions to balance the budget with nature, rather than adding to our “ecological debt.




For more informationGlobal Footprint Network.