Businesses and corporations that have taken effective actions that are focused on sustainability and social justice, we urge you to become a 4YG COMPANY. Let FOUR YEARS. GO. illuminate your game-changing story and increase the awareness of your company and its accomplishments.

By sharing your story, you provide inspiration for other companies to take action. You bring into being the collaboration and collective will that is essential in creating a sustainable, just and thriving world for all. Help us accelerate the transformation of a new business culture world-wide. Together we can make a difference. Submit your inspiring story now and become a 4YG COMPANY

    Benefits of being a "4YG COMPANY"

  • Only companies that have received the "4YG COMPANY" designation will have their stories placed on the FOUR YEARS.GO. (4YG) website
  • Receive company listing as a "4YG COMPANY" on FOUR YEARS. GO. Website
  • Announcement of your 4YG COMPANY designation displayed in 4YG Newsletter
  • Approval to display "4YG COMPANY" logo on any and all corporate communications of your choice
  • Receive the 4YG Company Newsletter free
  • Company staff access to discussion groups on various industry targeted topics produced and facilitated by 4YG and its affiliate professionals
  • Invitation to all FOUR YEARS. GO events
  • Recognition and status of being one of the 4YG COMPANIES that helped shift the path of humanity to a sustainable, just and thriving world for all

    Steps to become a 4yg company

  • 1

    Take the FOUR YEARS.GO (4YG) pledge. If you have not taken the 4YG Business Pledge, click here. If you have, go to step 2.

  • 2

    Submit your courageous story to FOUR YEARS. GO.

  • 3

    Your story will be review by 4YG COMPANY Steering Committee

  • 4

    Upon the approval of your 4YG COMPANY designation, a management & verification fee will be assessed. Your fee will be based upon the number of full-time employees in your company

  • 5

    Your company story may then be edited by 4YG, approved by your organization, to create a 4YG third-party endorsement story to be posted on the 4YG website

  • 6

    The 4YG COMPANY logo and inspiring story placed on your company website

  • 7




This designation serves to honor those heroic companies that are major supporters of the FOUR YEARS. GO. mission through the successful implementation of game-changing initiatives producing significant results in the areas of sustainability and social justice that are creating positive changes to the entire industry in which they serve.

For more information on the FOUR YEARS. GO. "EPIC HERO" program, please contact us at