Blog Post Submission

This page enables the submission of posts to the FOUR YEARS. GO. Blog.

Please note the following before you submit your post to the FOUR YEARS. GO. blog.

  • After you submit your story it will be queued up in the backend under “pending posts.”  From here it will be reviewed by a FOUR YEARS. GO. editor who will format the article and publish it to the blog.
  • Please allow up to several days for your post to be published.
  • Once you submit your post is published you will not be able to edit it. Please make sure it is final.
  • This is the title of your post. Keep it succinct, descriptive, and enticing. The more time you put in to perfecting your title, the more effective it will be in encouraging visitors to read it.
  • This is a short excerpt of your story that will be used to summarize it throughout the website.
  • This is the main body of your post. There is no formatting allowed. If you wish to make a header, simply put it on it's own line and we will format it as a header later on.
  • These are descriptive words that help your post show up in search results. Please list them separated by commas. Example: world, news, sustainability, computers
  • You may upload up to 4 images per article. You are required to upload at least one image.