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Stories of the Shift

  • Life Affirming News, Events & Entertainment

    Good News Planet GNP has been steadfastly providing life-affirming positive news since 1985, making it one of the forces for change that has contributed to the Shift that is now underway. Long established initiative such as this one have allowed new projects and ventures to blossom by providing the foundation for major large scale change to start taking place.   GDP is a rapidly growing media lifestyle publications covering and distributing news and entertainment from domestic and international [...]

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  • Future 500 Forges Coalitions Between Odd Bedfellows

      Future 500 was formed to forge relationships between corporations and NGOs. Their mandate is to advance the "triple bottom line” –solutions that support the economy, the society and the Earth.   They have brought together NGOs like Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth, Global Exchange, Greenpeace, Live Earth, Natural Resources Defense Council, Public Interest Research Group, Rainforest Action Network, Sierra Club, and World Wildlife Fund with corporations as well known [...]

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  • Building a Sustainable Food System in California

      Roots of Change Network and Ag Innovations Network have convened over 360 consensus-building meetings in the state of California. They are bringing together diverse stakeholders around the common goal of a sustainable food system in California.   Facilitating Truthful Conversations   
Consensus-building gatherings are marked by 3 elements   • A shared purpose   • Inclusion of people from every sector entrepreneurs, farmers and ranchers, funders, nonprofits, [...]

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  • The Number ONE Green Small City in America – Bellingham, WA

    Live Love Local - from JoA for Possible Futures on Vimeo.   A Thriving Economy Where Businesses Promote Sustainability   Sustainable Connections brought together nearly 700 Bellingham businesses in every sector of the economy—farmers, manufacturers, builders, nonprofits, service providers and retailers with the common goal of creating a modeling a local living economy.   A Community Learns to Think Local   Sustainable Connections went to work in market development, asking [...]

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