Maestro Conference

MaestroConference has generously pledged to contribute $1 million of its services to FOUR YEARS. GO. Allied Organizations to use this cutting edge technology for FOUR YEARS. GO. projects, as a powerful tool for working collaboratively and interactively with your constituents.

$1 Million In Services For You…Really.

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There’s no catch here. MaestroConference became so inspired by the FOUR YEARS. GO. mission and vision that they wanted to do something to contribute to this great turning. They decided to donate $1 Million of their service exclusively to FOUR YEARS. GO. Allied Organizations. As we’ve used Maestro Conference for our team calls, it’s proven to be an impressive tool for harvesting the collective wisdom of those gathered by phone to change the course of history. We trust you too may find this a valuable tool and great opportunity for growing and engaging your community.

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What Is Maestro Conference?

“The World Café Community Foundation has found MaestroConference to be an invaluable partner in hosting our international online World Cafés. The technology is easy to use, and powerful in its interactive capacity. We are very grateful for the generous support that MaestroConference has always given us, and now FOUR YEARS.GO.

“I can only imagine the synergistic possibilities that combining powerful social technologies like World Café, with innovative communication tools like MaestroConference, with the focus and attention of FOUR YEARS.GO. will have for the meaningful conversations that are so crucial for all of us to engage in now.”

- Juanita Brown, Co-Founder, The World Cafe

Maestro is a voice-based social conferencing solution for converting large groups of people into action and is a great way to work collaboratively with groups of people on the phone or online.  It allows you to:

  • See a list of everyone on your call
  • Create breakout groups for engaging conversations
  • Poll call participants and save the results
  • Stream live video to all callers
  • Maintain clear audio and an orderly call process by passing the “microphone” around to selected individuals while keeping others on mute
  • Download a recording of each call

Uses for Maestro Conference

  • Workshops
  • Training sessions
  • Strategic planning
  • Group sales
  • World Café conversations
  • And much more

Learning Together

The FOUR YEARS.GO. team invites you to work with us to collectively develop the skills and strategies for using this innovative technology. As a team, we can explore the exciting potential of the Maestro Conference gift to connect, energize and empower our communities. To explore together with our MaestroConference Team, please email us at

Empowering One Another

This generous MaestroConference pledge is also an excellent example of how we can support and empower one another toward our shared vision for a just, flourishing, sustainable world.

What might your organization offer your allies/colleagues to help transform our world in the next four years?