• Jim Carrey on GATE

    As a result of growing interest and desire to see major change happen in all our social systems, this project was birthed in 2009. Its mission is to transform the entertainment and media industry that has so much influence on so many people. It was formally inaugurated at the Zanuck Theater [...]

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  • Mom and Osie with sign
    A Mother and Daughter Reduce Their Use of Oil and Fossil Fuels with the 50% Now Pledge

    Jeniffer Hamilton and Osie, her 6 year old daughter, are committed FOUR YEARS. GO.ers, that like others, unceasingly continue to inspire us. Their passion and initiatives are extraordinary examples of compassion, determination, and living proof of the simple things we can do to shift humanity [...]

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  • “Project ONE” Music Video Celebrates Our Global Family

      Lady Kash and Krissy, a talented rap hip hop duo from Singapore, have created a music video just for FOUR YEARS. GO. Click here to purchase their Charity Single, "ONE" for just $1.     ONE is the first initiative of Project One. The music celebrates that we are all involved [...]

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  • Whole foods
    Making the journey towards eco-lifestyles

    Over the last two years, five women from Swarthmore, PA joined together on a journey towards eco-friendlier lifestyles. As they experimented with various ways of conservation, they have recorded their results based on the numbers energy saved, trash weight reduced, water used. All over the [...]

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  • Dream_a_Dream_Asha_2
    Mother and Daughter Team Up to Make “Dream a Dream” Music Video for Four Years. Go.

    By Susan Suza Singh For many years I have been a passive observer of how we treat each other and the earth. Although I was aware that the current status quo was not sustainable, I never really knew if any contribution that I could make would actually make a difference. I approached several [...]

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  • Screen shot 2011-05-27 at 11.40.06 AM
    The Power of Taking a Stand

    The  FOUR YEARS.GO. initiative is a commitment to build the collective will for the transformation of how we live on this planet.   The most  powerful first step an individual can make is to take a stand for this transformation.   When we have taken a stand, the world shifts. When [...]

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  • Proud Mom and 4YG Mobilizer Speaks Out

      How FOUR YEARS. GO. Lives in Hana Bakir Powerful Visions from the Heart from FOUR YEARS. GO. on Vimeo.   Hana Bakir, proud mom and FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizer, talks about what motivates her commitment to this work. [...]

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  • Anthony Nguyen
    Building Bridges: A Global Shift One Bamboo Tree At A Time

    By Anthony Nguyen supercrunkalated.blogspot.com It was only a couple decades ago when I was born into the world and my parents gave me a middle name who’s Vietnamese to English translation meant “little bamboo.” I had been puzzled with why they chose such a name, but I eventually grew [...]

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  • drum circle
    Reflections on 10.10.10: How we must transform ourselves and our world

    My journey to 10.10.10 On October 7, 2010, I set out from home at Greenfire Farm, in the Appalachian Foothills of southeast Ohio, on a vintage R90 6 BMW motorcycle that was built 37 years ago. I traveled eastward 363 miles, on Highway 50 to Washington, DC. Highway 50, a 3073 mile east-to-west [...]

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