• YES!
    Leveraging Privilege for Social Change Jam Transforms the Inner and Outer Work of Young Leaders

    Organization YES Website yesworld.org Author Nga Trinh-Halperin Leveraging Privilege for Social Change LPSC Jam July 25 - August 1, 2010, Ben Lomond, CA Unleashing all that we are, and all that we have, on behalf of all that we love... The LPSC Jam connects, inspires and collaborates with self-identified [...]

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  • Ethical Expeditions - Rain Forest
    Ethical Expeditions is Working to Protect the Wehea Rainforest in Borneo

    Organization Ethical Expeditions Website ethicalexpeditions.ning.com Email ethicalexpeditions gmail.com Author Sheryl Gruber Project Summary Ethical Expeditions is working with the Wehea Dayak to protect the Wehea Forest located in East Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan, Borneo. In 2004, the Wehea [...]

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  • The Leacy Center
    Legacy Center Creates Extreme Giving Projects in North Carolina

    Organization The Legacy Center Website www.extremegivers.com Author Lori Todd Legacy Center in Morrisville, North Carolina is committed to empowering people to live free connected lives and make a difference as leaders in their communities. We believe that all people possess the desire and [...]

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  • Empowerment Institute
    The Cool Community Movement: Tackling Climate Change One Household and Community at a Time

    Organization Empowerment Institute Website www.empowermentinstitute.net lcd Author David Gershon The political leaders of the world who gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark, had the unenviable responsibility of forging a strategy to pull humankind back from the brink of a dire future. What ultimately [...]

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  • The Legacy Center
    Dogs Healing Incarcerated Youth and Youth Healing Neglected Dogs

    Organization The Legacy Center Inc Website www.extremegivers.com Author Dr. Lori Todd Legacy Center Stands for Dogs Healing Youth and Youth Healing Neglected Dogs Dogs can heal incarcerated youth and incarcerated youth can heal neglected dogs. The youth of America are ending up in correctional [...]

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  • Victeams
    VicTEAMS: A Tool To Empower Citizens Through Information in Venezuela

    Organization Patricia Ortiz Website www.victeams.org Email patricia victeams.org Author Patricia Ortiz VicTEAMS International is a non-profit that seeks to promote, reinforce, and support initiatives that use Technologies of Information and Communication to enhance the transparency, efficiency [...]

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  • avaaz.org
    Online Campaign to Fight Corruption by Avaaz.org Gains Momentum

    FOUR YEARS. GO. would like to bring to you a message from Avaaz. Avaaz.org is a 5.5-million-person global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. "Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages. Avaaz members live [...]

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  • jonlove-positivetv
    Awakening the Dreamer Featured in Positive TV UK!

    For Madeleine Marenette, Transformational Leader and Founder of Grail Springs, who hosted the event, The Pachamama Alliance and Awakening The Dreamer address the “real complete picture of global issues” in the three categories they address social justice, environmental sustainability, [...]

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  • Tipping Point
    The Road to Tipping Point – Part 1

    What is Emerging Now This thing he speaks of is like a memory, a remembrance of something we’ve always known. Bill Twist, president and co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance, is speaking about what we are capable of doing together as humans, how we are supposed to be living. It’s our umbilical [...]

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  • 4YG_logo_trans_256x176
    Five Exciting FOUR YEARS. GO. Internships for Fall 2010 – Apply Now

    With the end of Summer in sight and Fall right around the corner, we at the FOUR YEARS. GO. office are going through transitions of our own.  The first generation of FOUR YEARS. GO. interns are getting ready to leave their legacy behind and move forth in their lives.  These interns have brought [...]

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  • 101010 logo
    10:10 Global – Cutting Carbon 10% At A Time

    Organization 10 10 Global Website 1010global.org Email 101010 1010global.org Author Stephen Barnes 10 10 UK 10 10’s big dream is to get every sector of society cutting their carbon emissions by 10% in a year, starting in 2010. And it’s working. Any person, family, business, school or other [...]

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  • 10.10.10
    10.10.10 – Humanity’s Date with Destiny: “The Inauguration of a New Civilization”

    Organization Power of One Website powerofone.org Email steven.lovink powerofone.org Author Steven Lovink In Washington DC and worldwide, we will start changing the course of history by collectively declaring our commitment to build the future our hearts know is possible. And, that’s just [...]

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  • Screen shot 2010-08-26 at 4.17.35 PM
    Axis Live: An inspiring video to build bridges, foster understanding, and create friendships

    We were sent this inspiring video from Axis Live.  From their website, they say "Using documentary film, networked communities, and emerging technology, we highlight the common humanity that runs through all cultures and nations—even those generally considered as “enemies”—and give [...]

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  • 4YG MightyStream
    Question of the Week: What will it take to convert the diverse streams of the global movement into a mighty river?

    What will it take to convert the diverse streams of the global movement into a mighty river   Let us know what you think in the comments at the right. [...]

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  • 101010animated2
    10:10:10 – Global Day of Doing Triggers Tidal Wave of Events

    Organization 10 10 Global Website http www.1010global.org Author Stephen Barnes 10 10 has joined forces with international campaign group 350.org to co-ordinate 10 10 10, the biggest-ever day of positive action on climate change, on Sunday, October 10, 2010. Together we can trigger a tidal [...]

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