• What is your next step?

    This is your chance to be a part of the largest movement in history.  The movement for a sustainable, just and fulfilling existence on this planet.  A collective journey of hundreds of millions of individuals taking small steps to change themselves and change the world. There is still time [...]

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  • Shovel of Oil
    Question of the Week: Is the Gulf tragedy galvanizing a change?

    The Gulf catastrophe is getting a lot of attention. And it should be. But it's difficult to know what effect this tragedy is having on our consciousness and on policy. What are you noticing in the news, in conversation and in yourself Is the Gulf tragedy galvanizing a change in the trajectory [...]

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  • Four Fingers
    Question of the Week: What is the promise and possibility of the next four years?

    The vision of a FourYears.Go Question of the Week is to ignite a conversation about what is ahead in our lives and in the world. We intend to spark your curiosity about your role in this emerging planetary moment. Deep inquiry can bring us each into full contact with our personal stake [...]

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  • Lois Barber
    How To Use The FOUR YEARS. GO. Question of the Week

    A question can be pondered alone or shared with others. A good question can move your mind, your body, and your energy. It can lead to new ways of thinking and new ways of being. We hope the Question of the Week will stimulate your own thinking and that it will act as a springboard to initiate [...]

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  • Gulf Coast Oil Spill
    Question of the Week: What is the message of the Gulf coast oil spill?

    The recent oil spill in the gulf coast is on track to become the largest oil spill in the history of the United States and perhaps one of the largest environmental disasters ever.  We want to hear from you What is the message of this oil spill Vision of the Four Years. Go. Question of the [...]

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  • Planet Earth
    Question of the Week: Who Will You Become?

    As events unfold in this precarious time on earth, this time of great opportunity, each of us is forming ideas about how we will respond, what we will do and who we will do it with. Our creativity is unlimited, but our time to act is not. Who will you become in the next four years that you [...]

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  • Boat in Gulf Coast Oil Spill
    Question of the Week: What rises within you in response to the Oil Spill? What will you do?

    Last week we asked "What is the message of the Gulf Coast Oil Spill " and you responded with excellent insight and ideas regarding the implications of this disaster on the planet and you challenged the systems that enabled it to happen.  Now we ask you to look inwards and ask what this disaster [...]

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  • thai_protest.jpg
    Question of the Week: What can we learn from these current events?

    There is civil unrest in Thailand, Greece, Jamaica and elsewhere. The incident aboard the Gaza relief flotilla was very violent. Oil continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico. Are there common meanings or lessons we can learn from these events What do they tell us about what needs to transform [...]

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  • 4YG MightyStream
    Question of the Week: What will it take to convert the diverse streams of the global movement into a mighty river?

    What will it take to convert the diverse streams of the global movement into a mighty river   Let us know what you think in the comments at the right. [...]

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  • environmentaljustice
    Question of the Week: How are these three key issues appearing together in your life now?

    How are these three key issues appearing together in your life now Join the discussion by commenting below. x [...]

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  • Berlinermauer
    Question of the Week: What events occurring right now are leading to world-changing moments?

    Looking around the world today, it might be easy to become discouraged about the possibility of realizing the change we need. Yet history shows that big changes can happen very quickly. The fall of the Berlin Wall was unexpected. The fall of apartheid was unexpected. In each case there were [...]

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  • wind-farm-turbines
    Germany’s Green Energy Plan: “Laboratory of ‘Green Growth’”

    In an article published on May 9th, Christian Schwägerl brings attention to the new Energy Plan being put forward by Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Merkel said the Fukushima disaster “has forever changed the way we define risk in Germany” and has now committed that country to a [...]

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