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    Lady Kash and Krissy’s ‘Project One’ Set to Launch This Month

    Lady Kash and Krissy, the dynamic musical duo, are launching Project One - a globally-mobilized wheel of actions for positive transformation. Allies of FOUR YEARS. GO., they are committed to helping make the world environmentally sustainable, socially just, eco-conscious and fulfilling over [...]

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  • Zero Carbon Britain
    Schumacher Society hosts Zero Carbon Britain October 16

    Organization Schumacher Society, UK Website http www.schumacher.org.uk Author Nick Hart-Williams October 16, 2010, is the date of this year's Schumacher Conference, held in Bristol, in the UK. This year, in partnership with the Centre for Alternative Technology, we present ZERO CARBON BRITAIN, [...]

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  • legacylogo
    Legacy Center builds backyard solutions for a sustainable future

    Organization The Legacy Center Inc Website http www.extremegivers.com Author Dr. Lori Todd In July, an intrepid group of visionaries, part of the Legacy Center's Leadership Program, built a groundbreaking model for backyard sustainability in Asheville, NC. The Legacy Center project, an outdoor [...]

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  • Time To Get Smarter 1
    The Human Race for a Healthy Planet

    Organization Time To Get Smarter Website www.TimeToGetSmarter.org Email volunteer-partner timetogetsmarter.org Author Tom Kahan This Labor Day, Time To Get Smarter is launching an online petition to President Obama and Congress calling for a Green Recovery and Green America using pricing that [...]

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  • Institute of Ultimate Truth - Earth
    The Truth Contest: Finding, Defining and Spreading a Universal Truth

    Organization Institute of Ultimate Truth Website www.truthcontest.com Author Xavier Moutoux Truth Will Unite Our World The Truth Contest is project aimed at going after the root cause of all the societal ills that plague mankind Division. This interactive website is dedicated to finding, defining [...]

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  • 10 Billion Beats
    10 Billion Beats, One Intention for One Planet

    Organization 10 Billion Beats Website www.10billionbeats.com Email carlisle vantagequest.org Author Carlisle Bergquist Change doesn’t come easy. “Easy” rarely allows us to make a transformation. If we want to make a difference, if we want to personally become different, we have to be [...]

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  • John Renesch
    New book calls for conscious evoloution of the human species

    Organization John Renesch Website renesch.com Author John Renesch The global financial meltdown that surfaced in late 2008 taught us we have been living far above our means – physically and materially. Here is a book that looks at how far below our potential we have been living – emotionally [...]

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  • North Bay New Energy Group is committed to fabricate, replicate, and demonstrate exotic new energy technologies

    Organization North Bay New Energy Group Author Mark Bachelder Contact mark mbachelder.net Dozens of suppressed or neglected technologies exist that deliver more energy than the operators put in. We are committed to exploring these, demonstrating what works, and generating an irrepressible [...]

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  • Global Sufficieny Network
    Global Sufficiency Network declares it will source sufficiency for the success of FOUR YEARS. GO.

    Organization Global Sufficiency Network Website globalsufficiency.org Author Marilyn Levin Contact marilyn globalsufficiency.org Global Sufficiency Network www.globalsufficiency.org is an international network of citizens, thought leaders, organizations and businesses that advocate for a world [...]

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  • Next Culture Paradigm Labs
    Next Culture Research & Training Center Launches Paradigm Shift Labs to Help Organizations Think Sustainably

    Organization Net Culture Paradigm Labs Website nextculture.org Author Clinton Callahan Facilitating The Shift To Next Culture Next Culture Paradigm Labs empower individuals and organizations to source an environmentally flourishing, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling human presence on [...]

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    WATUN is organizing a first International UN Charter Review Conference Oct 24 – 28 in San Francisco, CA

    Organization World Alliance to Transform the United Nations Website watun.org Author Rob Wheeler Contact robwheeler22 gmail.com The UN has made sufficient commitments and agreements to solve our primary global problems if they were fully implemented. The UN has done a lot of good in the world [...]

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  • Rain Forest
    Pachamama Alliance Works to Have Andean Countries Incorporate Rights for Nature into their Constitution

    Organization The Pachamama Alliance Website Pachamama.org Author Pat Usner The Pachamama Alliance and Fundacion Pachamama FP , its allied foundation in Quito, Ecuador, had groundbreaking success in 2008 in championing the inclusion of legal “Rights for Nature” in Ecuador’s new Constitution [...]

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  • Upaya
    Upaya Zen Center’s Buddhist Chaplaincy Program

    Organization Upaya Zen Center Website www.upaya.org training chaplaincy Email chaplaincy upaya.org Author Maia Duerr Founded in 2008 by Roshi Joan Halifax, the Upaya Buddhist Chaplaincy Program is a visionary and comprehensive two-year training program for a new kind of chaplaincy intended [...]

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  • The Necessary Revolution
    The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge

    Organization Open Future Limited Website openfuture.co.nz Author John Stephen Veitch Lord Keynes was wrong when he said, "The only thing that's important is the money supply." Governments strive to increase GDP because that increases the tax take and lessens the pressures on government accounts. [...]

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  • Earth Partners Foundation
    Earth Partners Foundation launches “Bike the Earth” to showcase & champion One Planet Living in the run up to the London Olympics & United Nations Earth Summit 2012

    Organization Earth Partners Foundation - "BIKE THE EARTH" Website biketheearth.net Author Christopher Le Breton Traversing the Globe, a team of cyclists will draw attention to sustainable ideas enshrined in One Planet Living delivering the Awakening the Dreamer symposium spreading the word [...]

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