Thank you for your interest in becoming a "4YG COMPANY" and for your desire to share your company's game-changing initiative with FOUR YEARS. GO. and the world. It is our desire to amplify the stories of companies that are successfully implementing programs within their organizations that are helping to create a better community in which they serve. By sharing your story, your company will inspire other companies to create or enhance their own game-changing initiatives. It will be this type of collaboration within the business world that will help create the collective will necessary to cause a positive tipping point shifting the path of humanity to a sustainable, just and thriving world for all. We look forward to receiving your game-changing story and sharing it with the world.


Please describe the game-changing initiative your company has successfully implemented and how it will help to set humanity in the path towards a sustainable, just and thriving world for all by the end of 2014.

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    • State the vision of your company's game-changing initiative and how it will help shift humanity's direction toward a sustainable, just and thriving world for all.
    • State the ultimate goal(s) of the initiative and the time-table for its completion.
    • State the compelling actions taken or are taking that will ultimately result in the achievement of your goal(s).
    • State the specific results your company has achieved towards the goal(s).
    • Comment on your general plan from this point on that will help you achieve your ultimate goal(s).
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