The following stories are of 4YG COMPANIES...courageous companies that have successfully implemented major initiatives within their own company that are aligned with the mission of FOUR YEARS. GO to help create a sustainable, just and fulfilling world for all.

We urge you to become a 4YG COMPANY.
Let us share your success with the world.
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a better world for all.

Game Changing Stories

  • Sacred Economics

      Sacred Economics is a book that traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated [...]

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  • PAX Scientific

    PAX Scientific's mission is to translate nature's efficiencies into innovative technology applications. It envisions a world in which the PAX Streamlining Principle provides benefits to every pertinent industry, by developing tools that use [...]

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  • Sounds True: Preserving the Living Wisdom of Our Time

    Sounds True is a publisher of CDs, DVDs and more recently books and online courses that disseminate spiritual wisdom. Founded in 1985, it has grown into a multimedia publishing company with more than 80 employees, a library of nearly 1000 titles [...]

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  • Patheon Most Ethical Company logo 4YG
    Pantheon Enterprises Inc.

    Pantheon Enterprises Inc. formulates, manufactures and commercializes a broad range of high-performance environmentally safe technologies specifically developed to replace toxic chemicals and processes. Since the 1980s Pantheon and its solutions [...]

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  • Sector wheel for Capital Missions 4YG
    Capital Missions Company (CMC): Investing for a Sustainable World

    Capital Missions Company “CMC” creates innovation networks of investors, business leaders, philanthropists and local green leaders to catalyze a globally sustainable economy. It was one of the early companies to operate to benefit society [...]

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  • image001
    The Adult Society

    The global financial meltdown that surfaced in late 2008 taught us we have been living far above our means physically and materially. Here is a book that looks at how far below our potential we have been living emotionally and spiritually and [...]

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