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Reflections on 10.10.10: How we must transform ourselves and our world

Richard Hogan reflects on 10.10.10., the global day of climate action. He writes on people, planet, process, possibility — and commitment to and for our shared journey home.


A revolution for a new generation: One 16-year-old speaks out

Alec Loorz asks his peers everywhere to join him and demand that governments and policy makers defend natural resources, starting today.


How to save over 1000 gallons of water in just one day

Wondering how to do your part to prevent water shortages? This short, animated film shows how to make small, daily changes for big water savings.

Whole foods

Making the journey towards eco-lifestyles

Hear one woman’s story of how her decision to change her eating habits away from processed foods and packaging has affected her kitchen, her trash can, and her workplace.

What does truly sustainable living look like? One couple investigates…on bicycles

Mandy and Ryan biked through the U.S., visiting green communities along the way and filming the entire journey. Now, they need your help to launch their movie.

City park

Sustainable cities in three years? Jaime Lerner says it’s possible

Hear Lerner, former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, explain how our cities can work for sustainability, instead of against it. Using creativity, innovation and frugality, here’s how to improve our urban environments.


Why we’re hardwired to solve climate change

This short, snappy movie with Jeremy Rifkin describes his vision for the future: an empathic society that includes the entire world working together to solve climate change.


Employing mushrooms to replace plastics?

Hear Eben Bayer from Ecovative Design explain how the company has created a packaging alternative to Styrofoam, using the power of fungi.


Swedish city says: No more ridiculous car trips

Hoping to persuade more people to take advantage of newly installed bike infrastructure, Malmö launches a campaign with a sense of humor.


Have you ever heard organic dairy farmers rapping?

UK-based Yeo Valley’s new advertisement features their farmers rapping about environmental sustainability on their farm. Organic milk just got a little cooler.

Put Yer Hoes Down

Put your hoes down; Bay Area farm celebrates harvest and community

The Hoes Down Festival at Full Belly Farm is a celebration of autumn, an opportunity for kids to experience a working polyculture farm, and a gustatory bonanza. Both educational and enjoyable, it was a weekend for people of all ages, farmers and eaters.

Eat greens

What can I do to slow down climate change today? Three answers.

Three online tools that can help you reduce your environmental footprint today.


Get Involved: Two Inspiring October Rallies in Washington

Two rallies will be happening in October 2010 in Washington. One for peace and jobs, one for moderation. Read about where and why to march.