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Tipping Point

The Road to Tipping Point – Part 1

There’s something about a movement that knows itself, sees itself and creates an organic dynamism that is unique. It can’t be managed. It goes out of control somehow. FOUR YEARS.GO is a campaign to create that kind of movement…that self-reflects and actually takes on a momentum of its own. And that’s what we were trying to do around this idea that there’s limited time and that there’s a new world that can be created. – Bill Twist, Founder and CEO, The Pachamama Alliance


Question of the Week: How are these three key issues appearing together in your life now?

FOUR YEARS.GO. recognizes the unity of sustainability, justice and fulfillment issues together into a single perspective, realizing that there is only one conversation we can have right now: healing the human-earth relationship, human-human relationships and our relationship to the universe.

Four Fingers

Question of the Week: What is the promise and possibility of the next four years?

Share your voice in our Question of the Week and become part of the conversation that will transform our world in FOUR YEARS. Ready? GO.