4YG Origins

FOUR YEARS. GO. is about the urgent need to shift humanity's direction by the end of 2014. The FOUR YEARS. GO. meme originated in 2010 from a collaboration of The Pachamama Alliance and the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy.

Changing "The Dream of the Modern World"

Founded in 1995, The Pachamama Alliance joins indigenous people from the Amazon rainforest and westerners to preserve the magnificent Amazon forests and cultures of which the indigenous peoples are the natural custodians.

The Achuar people of Ecuador told The Pachamama Alliance's founders that all efforts to preserve the Achuar way of life were ultimately doomed to failure "if the dream of the modern world wasn't changed."

The word "dream" refers to our world's extreme patterns of consumption, acquisition, and industrialization, carried out with little regard for the natural world. Not only is this destroying the rainforests; it is a direct threat to the health and well-being of the entire planet.

We are rapidly approaching dangerous tipping points after which life as we have known it will be irreversibly changed.

Yet we already possess the technologies and practical solutions needed to deal with the crises that confront us. What’s missing is a sense of possibility, urgency, and the collective will to shift course.

Using technical and social solutions already available, we can safeguard our planet’s capacity to sustain life – now and for future generations.

Let us join in tackling the great work of our times: an urgently accelerated transition to an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling world.