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FOUR YEARS. GO. is a global call asking us to ...

  • Wake Up to the enormous harm we are doing to the Earth and to ourselves;
  • Wake Up to the profound opportunity we have now to create a future to match our deepest longing and boldest dreams;
  • Become agents in redirecting humanity's current path from self-destruction to sustainability;
  • Do It Now. We don't need to wait for any one or anything. And complete it by the end of 2014.

FOUR YEARS. GO. is not a new organization.

It is the call to action, it is the declaration that each of us is sufficient to do our part, and it is the invitation for every man, woman, child, organization,
profession, and industry to take on what is ours to do - so that we have a planet that works for everyone.


What's at Stake

We are confronted with a time of great peril as a human species. The overwhelming majority of peer reviewed scientific scenarios warn that we are rapidly approaching perilous tipping points, after which life as we have known it will change irreversibly.

The extent of mounting crises is daunting - profound climate disruption, wide and deep poverty, global water shortages, loss of topsoil, depletion of fisheries, erosion of democracy, unsustainable population growth, mass extinction of plant and animal species, economic breakdown. And these crises are in fact completely inter-related.

More and more people are recognizing the urgency of the situation but seem unable to muster the vision and commitment needed to cause a change in course. Unless we break free of this gridlock, we will, tragically, end up where we are headed.

Unique Moment in History

We are living at a time of unparalleled opportunity. Yes, there are tremendous dangers but it is now clear that we already possess all the technologies and practical solutions required to resolve the crises confronting us.

And at the same time, powerful transformative trends are emerging, shaping a world ripe with new possibilities.

  • Global communication technology is connecting people together around the globe, creating the beginnings of a global consciousness
  • The paradigm of a living universe is challenging our mindset of separation and re-establishing humanity’s deep inter-connection with all of nature
  • The concept and image of Spaceship Earth is restructuring our sense of self interest and has elevated sustainability to an everyday concern

These trends fundamentally change the playing field and open up endless options for the future.

What's Missing

What is missing is a collective sense of possibility and the political and popular will to act - urgently, globally, collaboratively.

There is a limited window of opportunity, maybe just four years. Now is the time to execute our great turning; now is the time for people to get motivated and involved; now is the time to apply the solutions we already know. The next few years will determine the quality of life on this planet for the next 1,000. And we need to start now, on a worldwide scale.

Conventional wisdom, however, is that you can’t expect humanity to wake up until it is shocked into action by some global catastrophe or massively painful systemic breakdown. But by the time that happens it will almost certainly be too late.

Four Years. Go. is a campaign for humanity to take its future into its own hands, to wake itself up, and to motivate itself into action. And to do it now.

What's the Plan

There is no plan, at least no “master plan”, managed from the top

The path, instead, will be to foster a self-organizing, emerging open-space of collaboration and creativity among individuals, NGOs, companies and communities.

The idea is to incite a movement. And, for that movement to catalyze a newly vibrant world of wildly diverse and inspired initiatives to co-create a transformed human future.


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Our vision: an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on the Earth.

It's time to scale up and fully take on this great work of shifting humanity's direction.

We are alive at a unique moment in time, with a limited window of opportunity to bring about the great shift that is required, toward a sustainable, just and thriving human presence on Earth.

Throughout the course of history, people have shown amazing ability to respond to the call of their generation – to rise to the occasion in ways unforeseen by their predecessors.

Your commitment and your action will make THE difference! Each of us has a role to play in ensuring we pass on a livable future to those who will follow us. Please join us.

From now on, securing a livable future needs to be a core defining focus of human activity.


FOUR YEARS.GO. presents the opportunity for each us to take a stand for the world thatwe want to create, and to commit in word and deed to the actions that will secure this future as our destiny by the end of 2014. Actions change the world we live in - what is the power of taking a stand?

The FOUR YEARS.GO. initiative represents the commitment to build the collective will for the transformation of how we live on this planet.

The most powerful first step an individual can make is to take a stand for this transformation.

When we have taken a stand, the world shifts. When we have taken a stand new possibilities and opportunities show up, that weren’t evident before. We see the world with new eyes.

Taking a stand is always for something, never against or in opposition to. Positions create opposition and resistance. Taking a stand creates an opening, and an opening creates room for other people to be involved.

Taking a stand is something we do despite the circumstances. It is something we do from our hearts, from our passion. Against the odds. When we take a stand, we commit to something coming into being that would not happen without taking a stand.

Taking a stand allows for the impossible to become possible, and for the possible to become real. Without someone taking a stand, nothing important happens. It is an essential step in creating our new world.

From our stand, we take action; and from having taken a stand our actions have a power and effectiveness that they never would have without taking a stand. Our stands are nothing if we never take action, of course. And without a stand our actions lack power.


Invite your friends, loved ones and colleagues to take a stand with you for a thriving, just and sustainable world to be the guiding principle of our time. And invite them to take the actions that are consistent with that commitment. When you invite others it multiplies the difference you make. When everybody does this, our power grows exponentially, and the numbers grow very fast.

With millions of people standing for a powerful, just and sustainable world by 2014 - miracles can happen. The actions we take collectively inside of our stands can deliver on the promise of our time.

Declare your stand now, and invite your friends to do the same!

The Communications Team of Four Years. Go consists of all volunteers, including Mark Bachelder, Beverly Schler and John Renesch in the U.S., Gabi Dragonmir in Canada, John Veitch and Peter Sundstrom in New Zealand, and Olanike Olugboji in Nigeria.

If you are interested in joining the team, contact