The FOUR YEARS. GO. Guide to 10.10.10. – A Day of Climate Action Events Around The World

We recommend these great 10.10.10. events

FOUR YEARS. GO. and Power of One in Washington D.C.

FOUR YEARS. GO. ally Power of One invites everyone to come ring in a new era of worldwide peace and sustainability at their “Declaration of Interdependence” rally. Throughout the day participants will connect and motivate personal and large-scale transformation. There will also be the creation of a “We Have a Dream” video, where people have the opportunity to share their dreams for the future in a video that will be shared online after the event. Anyone around the world is also invited to participate virtually by signing up online.

One Day on Earth Video Contest

With thousands of participants in nearly every nation on Earth, the One Day on Earth campaign invites you to document a day in your life, creating a “global mosaic” of the world today. They have partnered with Vimeo to stream the video content and make it publicly available, with a second goal of putting together a documentary for 2011. Professional filmmaker or cell phone owner, share what you see with One Day on Earth and their online community.

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Beginner’s guide to 10.10.10.

Last year’s global day of action

A global day of action

10.10.10 is a global day of work for climate action. All around the world on Sunday October 10, 2010, people are coming together to improve their communities and neighborhoods with a project that will help heal the earth. From small projects, such as making a low carbon lunch, to larger projects, like outfitting a house, workplace or community center with solar panels, individuals are showing their commitment to finding climate solutions as soon as possible.

Citizens finding solutions

10.10.10 shows global leaders that citizens around the world, in every country, are ready to act on climate change and are tired of waiting. Rather than ring our hands or feel defeated, we are picking up our shovels, cutting boards, and CFLs and driving positive change on one specific day to show the power behind this movement.

It is not too late to join an existing work party near you or to form your own. We know it is time to act. Spread the word about this day and get your community and network involved. leading the way

Last year on October 24, 2009, – a climate solutions organization focused on 350 ppm, the safe limit for CO2 in our atmosphere — organized a global work day with a similar spirit, mobilizing thousands of people in over 5,200 events. This year’s event is poised to surpass last year’s in both number of events and individual involvement. For 10.10.10, has partnered with 10:10 – the global campaign to cut carbon by 10% each year — to organize a worldwide day of doing good to drive positive, global change.

How to get involved

  • Sign up with an already existing, local work party or register your own. Even if it’s just you and your friends working in your garden or biking to a concert, adding your names to the existing list of participants helps strengthen this movement’s power.
  • If you need inspiration, check out’s list of ideas for 10.10.10 events. Or, read up at 10:10′s “inspiration” page for even more creative ideas.
  • Spread the word about this day on all your social networks, blogs, and mailing lists. Challenge your workplace, school or family to organize an event. Anyone who is interested should have a chance to participate.

Links & Resources

Here is a collection of links and resources that will help to guide you through 10.10.10.

  • – Bill McKibbon’s organization working to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere back down to 350 parts per million – the level that scientists say is the upper safe limit. is spearheading the Global Work Party on October 10th, 2010.

  • Power of One – partner organization with FOUR YEARS. GO. organizing a rally on 10.10.10 at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall to gather people to “declare their commitment to the survival and evolution of humanity and all life on earth.”

  • TckTckTck – has tons of ideas for how to act on climate today. Join their network of over 17 million global citizens who are ready for climate action.