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Good News PlanetGood News Planet (GNP) has been steadfastly providing life-affirming positive news since 1985, making it one of the forces for change that has contributed to the Shift that is now underway. Long established initiative such as this one have allowed new projects and ventures to blossom by providing the foundation for major large scale change to start taking place.


GDP is a rapidly growing media lifestyle publications covering and distributing news and entertainment from domestic and international sources related to health, science, business, international relations, and multi-cultural and niche community interests. GNP publishes and syndicates content on-line, on-air, and in print under the Good News Planet Brand.


Approximately 80 percent of GNP articles and attached audio interviews are made available forever on demand, from the internet, at all times. GNP’s current story archive contains over 5,000 audio, video and text stories and events, indexed by most major search engines.


GNP is a powerful community of people and organizations who have contributed stories to the site. Currently, 100,000 unique visitors from this audience generate 1 million hits each month. . The audience is made up of a highly-influential, professional persons concerned about making a positive impact on the World and future generations through media. GNP is the international place of record to build good will for brands by ‘walking the talk’.

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