PAX Scientific

PAX Scientific‘s mission is to translate nature’s efficiencies into innovative technology applications. It envisions a world in which the PAX Streamlining Principle provides benefits to every pertinent industry, by developing tools that use less energy and materials while simultaneously offering greater productivity and control. Much of their design could be compared to biomimicry – “conscious emulation of natural solutions.”
In 1997, the company was founded to bring the exceptional efficiencies of natural flow to fluid-handling technology, such as fans, mixers, pumps, turbines, heat exchangers, ducts, propellers, and other applications. To validate the Streamlining Principle, the company entered a research relationship with Cascade Technologies and Stanford University. This research confirmed theories underlying the founder’s discoveries. Substantial improvements in the performance of its technology were found compared to traditional technology.
PAX Scientific is an engineering research and product design firm who specializes in finding innovative, streamlined solutions for fluid-related industrial problems. Its technologies offer improved equipment design with streamlined fluid movement that provides competitive market advantages. It then licenses companies to commercialize these technologies.
Click here for a demonstration of one of PAX Scientific’s designs.


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