“Project ONE” Music Video Celebrates Our Global Family

Lady Kash and Krissy, a talented rap/hip hop duo from Singapore, have created a music video just for FOUR YEARS. GO. Click here to purchase their Charity Single, “ONE” for just $1.


ONE is the first initiative of Project One. The music celebrates that we are all involved in the same endeavor: creating a world that works for everyone. The artists collaborated on the song with 2-time Oscar & Grammy Winning Music Composer A. R. Rahman (Music Composer and ‘Superheavy’ band member).


Lady Kash and Krissy share about how Project ONE came to be.

Proceeds will benefit 4YG and other initiatives for reforestation, clean water and educational initiatives for rural children. The dynamic duo point out that just $1 can buy a tree or educate a child for a day.

Purchase “Project ONE” on iTunes for just $1. And share this message with your friends – (use this link: http://youtu.be/jGwc_ZcG4kQ). Help Lady Kash and Krissy’s great message of global oneness go viral!

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