The World Peace Campaign’s “Time Out for Peace!” Plan

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”
—Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities”

The Chinese characters for ‘Crisis’ depict ‘Grave Danger’ and ‘Hidden Opportunity.’


Current Reality: Our Problem

We exist in the ‘City of War.’ To survive — economically, morally, practically, as a people and a planet — we must shift to the ‘City of Peace’ and collaboration.

Over the next 20 years, we — that is, humanity and our living environment — will confront a convergence of 20 – 30 major, interrelated global crises. If we fail to begin a ‘course correction’ now, in 2011-2012, then by the 2020s, these converging crises, (population, consumption, environmental degradation and depletion, water, food, energy, economy, health, poverty, failed states and the crescent of instability….) will begin a vicious cycle, creating a ‘Mega-Crisis,’ which will be quite difficult to stop.


Choice – Now or Never

We are at a critical juncture practically and spiritually. We face an existential choice between continuing on our current trajectory, the ‘War Path,’ or changing to the ‘Peace Path’ — converting the costs of war to the creation of a lasting, dynamic Peace, with international collaboration, to solve our critical global problems, avert an impending cataclysm and build a just, hopeful and prosperous future.


War is a Deadly Choice

The self-destructive fear based mindset and behavior of our ‘War System’ is the central threat to humanity and our planet and it is the limiting factor to our future development and evolution.

War, and the Mindset that creates violent contention and conflict, is keeping us from solving our most dangerous global dangers.

Our choices are between the path toward Utopia, (though we may never get there, we can at least head in the right direction) and the road to Oblivion, also known as “Plan A,” or “Stay the Course.” Put more contemporaneously, we have a choice between the “Star Trek Scenario,” or the “Mad Max Meets Easter Island Movie.”


The ‘Present-Future:’ Our Solution

The only source of sufficient funds and resources to address our most significant global threats, is the world’s military — the largest pool of discretionary capital on Earth.

The only way to free up that capital and those resources that go with it, plus enable the international collaboration to solve these Global Threats, is through a (virtually) global Peace and Cooperation Agreement, i.e., “World Peace.” No amount of half measures, bilge pumping, “rearranging of deck chairs” and putting bandages on the wounded and dying, will suffice.

We must change course, now, or it will be too late, because for a ‘ship’ the size of “Space Ship Earth,” it takes awhile to do a course correction.

World Peace can be achieved. Largely because it MUST be achieved. We must educate a Critical Mass of people and organizations, that we must do it before it is too late.

For the World,
For our Children,
For our Children’s Children.

We just need to Do It!

For more information, visit the World Peace Campaign.

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