The Power of Taking a Stand

The  FOUR YEARS.GO. initiative is a commitment to build the collective will for the transformation of how we live on this planet.

The most  powerful first step an individual can make is to take a stand for this transformation.

When we have taken a stand, the world shifts. When we have taken a stand new possibilities and opportunities show up, that weren’t evident before. We see the world with new eyes.

Taking a stand is always for something, never against or in opposition to. Positions create opposition and resistance. Taking a stand creates an opening, and an opening creates room for other people to be involved.

Taking a stand is something we do despite the circumstances. It is something we do from our hearts, from our passion. Against the odds. When we take a stand, we commit to something coming into being that would not happen without taking a stand.

Taking a stand allows for the impossible to become possible, and for the possible to become real. Without someone taking a stand, nothing important happens. It is an essential step in creating our new world.

From our stand, we take action; and from having taken a stand our actions have a power and effectiveness that they never would have without taking a stand. Our stands are nothing if we never take action, of course. And without a stand our actions lack power.


Multiplying Your Impact

Invite your friends, loved ones and colleagues to take a stand with you for a thriving, just and sustainable world to be the guiding principle of our time. And invite them to take the actions that are consistent with that commitment. When you invite others, it multiplies the difference you make. When everybody does this, our power grows exponentially, and the numbers grow very fast.

200 million people standing for creating a powerful, just and sustainable world by 2014 will be an awesome manifestation of collective will. The actions we  take collectively inside of our stands can deliver on the promise of our time. This is the promise of the FOUR YEARS.GO initiative.

Take your stand now, and invite your friends to do the same.

  • Anne Wayman

    (how do I see the other comments?)

    Somehow in taking a stand it has to be integrated with making a living etc. Ideally it all comes together, but sometimes it does’t feel that way.

  • Anonymous

    Part of the Shift we seek, Anne, is a world where it is easy to make a decent living, especially through work that helps to mend what is broken.  As the 4YG campaign grows (and it’s only just getting started), I see the possibility for supporting such work developing out of the community we convene.  If we gather and connect millions of dedicated change agents, we can create an “enterprise zone.”  Kind of like a “local economy” for people who are working to bring about this transition.

    (BTW, you didn’t see other comments because there weren’t any–but just wait until we fully launch later this year!)

  • Anne Wayman

    Thanks Ben… re comments… and, if I may ask, why disques? seems to make it more difficult.

    I too see a world maybe even the concept of ‘earning’ a living is gone… which would open up avenues of contribution I suspect we don’t even suspect…

    Looking forward to launch.

  • Anonymous

    Disqus is just one option for creating a profile linked to these comments.  It’s not required.  

    Glad we share the vision of a shift in how one earns a living. I think it’s totally possible. Indeed, our current system is failing so badly at providing meaningful work for more than a tiny fraction of the adults on the planet that something new is definitely going to emerge.  

    BTW, have you invited others to join us in taking the Stand?  We’re in the midst of a “FOUR WEEKS.GO” mini campaign to hit 15,000 by June 15th and we could use your help!

    Meanwhile, our brief exchange actually sparked a larger inquiry for me, which you can read about on our new 4YG “intranet” platform here:

    (note: if you want to post a reply in 4YGNet, you have to register).

  • Bachelder Mark

    Test comment. Who is the brilliant fellow who wrote all that above?

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    It is something they do from their hearts and its their passion. When they take a stand, they commit to something coming into being that would not happen without taking a stand.

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