Germany’s Green Energy Plan: “Laboratory of ‘Green Growth’”

In an article published on May 9th, Christian Schwägerl brings attention to the new Energy Plan being put forward by Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Merkel said the Fukushima disaster “has forever changed the way we define risk in Germany” and has now committed that country to a path that, if successful, would mean that by 2030 green electricity would be the dominant source of power for German factories and households.

Given that Ms. Merkel is from the “conservative” side of Germany’s political spectrum, this is especially astounding and heartening news!

Below are a couple of quotes from the article, which is well worth reading in its entirety. (Thank you to Paul ray for bringing this to my attention.)


“In mid-March, Merkel stunned the German public and other governments by announcing an accelerated phasing out of all 17 German nuclear reactors as an immediate reaction to the Fukushima disaster in Japan. The chancellor now says she wants to slash the use of coal, speed up approvals for renewable energy investments, and reduce CO2 emissions drastically. That means that the 81 million Germans living between the North Sea and the Alps are supposed to cover their huge energy needs from wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass within a few decades.


… That makes Germany the world’s most important laboratory of “green growth.” No other country belonging to the G20 club of economic powers has a comparable agenda.”

What will it take to get every country’s leader to take a stand like this one? Yep. It will take the united vast collective will of humanity standing up and saying, “We aren’t going along with business as usual! We refuse to be manipulated into continuing on the path to collapse. We choose to live for the future of all life, not just for a selfish moment of wealth for a few.”

What a time to be alive! Together we are exploring what it means to self-generate the turning toward a Just, Thriving and Sustainable Future!

  • Bevjay1

     Thank you Jon for such an insightful post…

  • scott

    only one comment?!  Hopefully this is an indication the people are too busy doing something positive to be spending time making comments on webpages

  • E Stephan

    living in germany and working in the renewable energy sector (geothermal) it is very interesting to see how hard it is to shift our awareness about energy and sustainability. Although a majority fears nuclear energy and is aware of the greenhouse effect only 3% buy their electricity from suppliers who produce ONLY electricity from rnewable sources – although the costs are only about 5%-10% higher.

  • Betty

    trouble is wind energy is expensive and unreliable; you need to put in power stations all the time because the wind energy is inconsistent. a total waste of money; if you want renewal energy then find other means

  • Willem

    Why not simply extend the electricity grid ?
    If you progressively connect up the grids around the world and then progressively replace fossil fuel generation with renewable generation, you get an immediate positive impact on
    a universal increase in living standards
    a reduction in atmospheric, land and water pollution
    a reduction in hunger and poverty
    a stabilization of population growth
    an increase in trade, cooperation and peace between nations

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