FOUR YEARS.GO. Holds “Game Changing Summit” (video)

This is a profoundly important time in our planet’s history. The Great Turning is underway, and FOUR YEARS.GO. is escalating the momentum to shift the trajectory of our future.


On Monday May 9, FOUR YEARS. GO. held a Changing the Game Summit in San Diego, broadcast live.

View the video of this event (starts @ 3 min. mark):




Video streaming by Ustream

Jonathan Budd

In this interactive web broadcast of the Game Changing Summit, leaders Lynne Twist, Jim Kiles, Bill Twist, Jonathan Budd, Jim Kwik, Jim Bunch, and others discuss what’s in the works to engage one billion people to participate in the movement to change the course of human history and ensure a thriving, just, and sustainable life for all.

Please view the video, connect with what you know is yours to take on, in this time of Great Turning, and share this with friends. Encourage everyone you know to share their commitment to a world that works for all, at FOURYEARSGO.ORG!



Learn more about the FOUR YEARS. GO. initiative.


Please join us in taking a stand for a Thriving, Just and Sustainable World for all.


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  • Cheryl

    This is so exciting-I can’t wait!!!

  • PinKitPregnancy

    I realize we are in a Great Turning. I’m also suggesting that we move toward The Great Renewal. If you have a passion/niche/issue then you can construct that within the 6 components of The Great Renewal: language, behaviors (mores), policies, laws, institutions and organizations. After thinking about all the ‘names’ for this period I chose The Great Renewal because it is acceptable worldwide, understand in each niche/issue and gives us the ‘how-to’ grow: clean water/air/soil; green energy/efficient transportation; diversified forests/grasslands/hedgerows; diversity of species … and every thing else. As we take this Great Turning can we commit to The Great Renewal as well? Please spread the word.

  • michael jay
  • Anonymous

    Great thanks to the 4YG Team and to Jonathan Budd and his amazing crew and community., THE GAME HAS CHANGED!!!

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