Jonathan Budd at 4YG Mobilizers Summit: “Is there something bigger we can step up to?”

The FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizer Virtual Summit on April 16th brought together a learning community of Mobilizers who are spreading the message of FOUR YEARS. GO. through the arts, media, special events, and one-on-one conversations.


Mobilizer and Mom Speaks Out

Attendee Hana Bakir, proud mom and FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizer, talks about what motivates her commitment to this work.



How FOUR YEARS. GO. Lives in Hana Bakir | Powerful Visions from the Heart from FOUR YEARS. GO. on Vimeo.


Jonathan Budd’s address at the Mobilizers Summit


More inspiration from the Summit: Keynote speaker Jonathan Budd is an internet marketing expert and the visionary behind the upcoming “MyStand” Four Years. Go. social networking platform. The following is excerpted from his talk:


JONATHAN BUDD: Hi, everyone. I’m stoked about the Mobilizers and the momentum that is building. I think this is one of the most powerful components of any campaign. What would this be if no one was out there talking about it? It is incredibly important what we are doing here.

We are all working now on a conversation to reach a billion people in 4 years and literally shift the direction of humanity.


Jonathan Budd


How I Got Involved


Here’s the story of how I came to be involved in this. One day I happened to check Facebook, which I seldom ever do. I do a lot of work in network and internet marketing, and I have 5,000 friends and 25,000 fans. So I seldom check my Facebook messages – it’s just too much. But on this particular day I saw a message from a friend, inviting me to attend an Awakening the Dreamer symposium (a project of The Pachamama Alliance).


The first thought in my head was, “What the heck is this?” I’m a fairly busy man, without a lot of free time for something like that. Something like that doesn’t even come under my radar 99% of the time. But for some reason that I don’t even know, I simply responded to her message with, “Yeah, I’ll be there. Do you want to carpool?”


In the first few minutes of the session, my heart blew open and I totally got why I was there. It’s not that all of this was new information – I have been passionate about the cause of global transformation for awhile now. But it was the heart, the soul, the power of the conversation that got to me.


The power of your vision


A key learning for me is: you’ve got to start with having a powerful vision for yourself. The power of your vision inspires people and draws them into any conversations that you are having. How big you are seeing this thing, and how big you see your role in it, is literally like a tractor beam that can magnetize people’s involvement in this conversation.


Stepping up

So I challenge you with the question: How can you take your personal vision to the next level? Where can you commit even more in your own personal vision?


Are we settling? Are we saying, “It’s good enough”? Or is there something bigger we can step up to?


If we are going to reach 1 billion people in 4 years and shift the direction of humanity, then it is our responsibility to figure out how to speak people’s language and communicate in a way that people who are not already engaged in this conversation will choose to be involved.


Sparking transformation through information – then and now


Long ago, humanity shifted from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance in 30 years. It was funded primarily by one family, and fueled by one technological invention: the Gutenberg printing press. Just 30 years later, an entirely new era began, due to the spread of information.


The internet is this era’s invention that makes it possible to share information and spark transformation on a global scale.


Deepening the Conversation

Until consciousness changes, the right actions will not flow from it. Consciousness changes first – then action comes.

We want to move people deeper into the conversation. From there is where some real magic happens.


Join the community of Mobilizers from around the world, working to bring about a future worth having. To learn more, email

  • Anonymous

    Anyone wishing to hear a recording of the Virtual Summit (except for the portions where the call participants were in break-out sessions) can download it using the links below:

    Part 1, including Lee Lorenzen:

    Part 2, including Jonathan Budd:

  • Erin Ross

    Hana… it was such an honor to share that moment with you. Thank you for your deep love of humanity- it shows in everything you do and be. Jonathan… what can I say but, “It’s an honor to have you playing in this sandbox with us!”? This is truly the biggest game on the planet and I am deeply grateful for your energy, passion and commitment!

  • SpongeBob

    Love to see 3 more or 3 hundred or 3 thousand more touched by personal belief in the positive change that can occur in just days, weeks, or months of us setting our mind to sharing the vision and how we can privately each make a pledge to insure a more sustainable future in what we say, live, and do in the coming months and years remaining. Let us roll up our sleeves and task each new name a way to grow the idea three more times before the end of the week, month or year.

  • Vitoria Castro

    Jonathan Budd. After “studying” many entrepreneurs and different
    systems, something made me choose you. That something that you don’t really
    know where comes from. Your spirituality, your way to see the world.  The idea of having Lynne Twist talking about the The Pachamama Alliance, FOUR YEARS. GO. etc, right after the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Event was
    outstanding. It makes me truly believe that I really made the right choice even
    though I didn’t know you, or anybody related when I joined “The 7 Figure

    Thank you for all you do.

    Love & light,

    Vitoria Castro

  • Laura Beth

    The human species has been guided in recent history, largely by commercialism and the consideration of the “American Dream,” as eating a rich animal based diet and having material wealth.

    Both these behaviors are detrimental to our earth and both are a result of the consideration that all nature is here for human use alone.

    When we include ALL other species as deserving of justice, deserving of their right to habitat, family, intended life span, doing away with all legalized use of animals, fish, birds, for food, research, clothing, etc., we can evolve towards the spiritual connection with nature we are born with, before it is carved, chipped, picked away at.

    It was the shift from gathering and nomadic life to herding and property rights, the foundation of the industrial age, that in large part, landed us in this mess.

    Vegan ethics , in my world view, hold the key to healing most of what ails our self-designed problems.

  • Leona La Perriere

    I attended Jonathan Budd’s Unstoppbale Conference in San Diego last month and came away changed.  The last day was dedicated to this cause and I am more aware now of all that can be done if we collectively dedicate ourselves to saving our planet, resources and people.  This is an important legacy we can leave for our children.  Let us be motivated and committed to showing our children that we DO care about their future.

  • Emily

    I am looking forward to see and hear of Jonathan Budd in the near future. Hopefully there will be a summit or conference that I can join that he will be the keynote speaker. I am greatly inspired with Hana. Our success really depends upon our attitude and our commitment and eagerness to succeed.

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