Join the Virtual Summit for FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizers: April 16th, 2011

Help mobilize the critical mass that will bring about the positive tipping point in humanity’s future, from wherever you are.

The Mobilizers are the precious and audacious people who are leading the expansion of the FOUR YEARS. GO. declaration worldwide, honoring our commitment to create a new future for humanity by the end of 2014.

Join others like you from all parts of the globe at the first FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizer Virtual Summit on Saturday, April 16th in two separate schedules to accomodate different time zones. Find the registration links below.

Special Guests:

Jonathan Budd

Jonathan Budd, internet marketing expert and the visionary behind the upcoming “MyStand” 4YG social network, will be our special guest presenter. Jonathan is a MASTER at empowering others to create unpredictable and sometimes miraculous results for what they are committed to, so plan on getting a serious jolt of inspiration!

In addition to hearing from Jonathan, the sessions will include key updates and interactive components. A recording of the portions that do not involve break-out groups will also be made available.

Lee Lorenzen

Lee Lorenzen is a well known Entrepreneur who has used the Internet as an effective tool for marketing and building teams and businesses. Most recently Lee has created the amazingly successful “Rock Candy Revolution” on Facebook that achieved 135,000 fans in 30 days in support of the people involved in the “Revolutions” taking place in the Middle East.

Lee is an expert on how the Egyptian democracy movement emerged on the “I Am Khaled Said” Facebook page and how the movement managed its mobilizers using Facebook. Lee’s FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizers Summit talk will focus on using Facebook as a tool to build and mobilize large networks.

Register for the sessions that works best for you:

9am-12pm Pacific time:

5pm-8pm Pacific time:

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  • Merrin Pearse

    Awesome, really looking forward to this event and the action it will create.

  • Wonderful World Media

    Wonderful World Media will be at the summit mobilising from Australia supports 4YG with media networking and interviews
    Our team is really looking forward to the summit!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Summit this weekend. Y’all did some serious MOBILIZING!

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