Kids Benefit Concert Sends 2,000 New Rainforest Trees to Brazil

When an inspired group of youth activists pour their hearts and souls into music, from classical to original compositions to Led Zeppelin, amazing things happen!

Watch the video:

A group of homeschoolers from Los Angeles became inspired by my Rainforest ECObank project in rural Brazil. Their benefit concert allowed us to purchase a truckload of 2,000 native trees from a fair trade nursery. These trees are being sent to two farmers who want to reforest parts of their slashed and burned land.

Rainforest ECObank has created a social enterprise network, raising money through crowd-funded donations and tree purchases to buy trees directly from small nurseries. These trees are then given to communities and associations who want to plant them on degraded land, but could not otherwise afford them.

Rainforest ECObank draws upon the international fundraising capacity of WE FOREST, our partner. WE FOREST is an association of organic rainforest tree growers (these growers do not accept subsidy from chemical companies, as most nurseries do), small Brazilian NGOs who teach permaculture methods and support farmers as they learn “new” ways, and school children in two continents, who want to see the rainforest return to life.

If you feel inspired, please join us in action by clicking here. We have a lot more trees ready to be planted this year!

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Contributor: Alana Lea
Organization: Rainforest ECO

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