Ugandan Group Launches FOUR YEARS. GO. Clubs in 16 Schools

CCPI_Uganda_377Community Care and Protection Initiatives (CCPI) is walking hand in hand with the youth of Uganda to build a better country and a better planet.

Our vision is of a life free of threats of environmental calamities and violence against women and children in the Kitgum districts of Northern Uganda.

CCPI is an indigenous non-governmental organization and an ally of the FOUR YEARS. GO. movement. CCPI is working with schools and institutions, civil society and the community to revitalize the physical, moral and spiritual strength of the country.

The team of volunteers includes philosophers, lawyers, agronomists, social scientists, teachers, drivers, photographers and development workers with a broad range of experience on gender, human rights, and women’s empowerment. Inclusive participation, a holistic approach, and collaboration with other agencies are emphasized.

This family of volunteers envisions a community that is conscious of climate change and its effects, with youth empowered to reach their potential through addressing environmental injustices such as deforestation, bush burning, improper waste disposal, and more.

Uganda’s History

Northern Uganda was engulfed by conflict during the last 23 years, which led to the displacement of an estimated 1.6 million people. However, in 2006 the Government and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels agreed to cease hostilities under the auspices of the Juba Peace Talk.

A study commissioned by CARE International in 2009 revealed that the 23-year conflict has devastated peoples’ lives and asset base, particularly livestock. 68% of the population lived below the poverty line in 2005, compared to 62% in 1992/3.

Because there is virtually no environmental awareness activity in the region and very little access to social medias like the newspapers and television, local knowledge is limited about the impacts of deforestation for charcoal production or bush-burning for hunting.

FOUR YEARS. GO. Clubs Now in 16 Ugandan Schools

4YG clubs have been adopted by 16 schools in the Kitgum district in northern Uganda. Among the activities adopted by 4YG clubs, aimed at addressing climate change, are:

• Weekly conferences animated by our volunteers
• Music dance and drama productions and festivals
• Radio talk shows

• Student interaction
• Rallies
• Tree planting

We kindly appeal to the whole world to join our family. For as little as $1 you can make our work so beautiful. We are still limited by resources; however we try to do our best with the little we have. Visit us at


Contributor: William Akena
Organization: Community Care and Protection Initiatives (CCPI Uganda)
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