The Possible Futures Film Contest: A New Project from FOUR YEARS. GO. and The Pachamama Alliance

Here is your opportunity to visually create your vision for a new future for humanity, and have the chance to win a great prize doing so. FOUR YEARS. GO., in cooperation with The Pachamama Alliance, is launching the Possible Futures Film Contest , inviting people to make a short (less than 5 minute) film that depicts a new, positive future for our planet. A vision for a desirable future is unbelievably powerful and necessary for us to move forward, and you can contribute to that vision coming to pass. The categories for submissions reflect four areas of our relationship to a new future:

  • Peace and Freedom: Resolution of conflict, without war and oppression.
  • Fair Societies: A world of justice and human rights, free of discrimination and fear.
  • Sustainability and Beyond: A thriving relationship between humans and natural ecosystems, without compromising future generations.
  • Human Fulfillment: The expansion of consciousness, connection, and community, and our relationship with one another.

A total of $30,000 in prizes will be awarded. The contest launches March 29th.

Visit the Possible Futures Film Contest website for more information »

  • Outoftheboxinsight

    Will give a go at it, the Novus Ordo Seclorum is one of the most misunderstood expressions of Love that might need some clarification. This could be a great tool. But the energies of Love always prevail:)

  • Competitions UK

    I wish I had won that.

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