Join The International Team of Individuals Spreading The FOUR YEARS. GO. Commitment Campaign

We invite you to join the FOUR YEARS. GO. Mobilizers – the precious and audacious people who will do whatever it takes to ensure that enough people take and spread the FOUR YEARS. GO. commitment to create a new future for humanity by the end of 2014.

Join others like you from all parts of the globe interested in spreading FOUR YEARS. GO. through the arts, media, social media, speaking, youth, organizations, special events and one on one conversations.

We have regular inspiring conference calls where we provide a rich array of training and development. We also interact with each other in our online community and occasionally get together virtually for Mobilizer Summits.

Our very first virtual Mobilizer summit will be held on April 16, 2011 with sessions available to accommodate all time zones. If you are interested in joining the mobilizers and/or want to participate in the virtual summit, please contact

Join the team that will change the course of history in the next four years!

  • Outoftheboxinsight
  • Anonymous

    What precisely are the motives – environmental, religious, governmental? Why 4 years, and how was that number conceived. Recently I read of people extrapolating, without them having the vaguest idea of what that meant. Who chooses the ‘path’, or ‘paths’? Are such considerations as critical mass of a tribe involked.
    The idea is appealing, but vague – so ok, who will inform me?

  • Mark Bachelder

    I love it that there are 7 different kinds of Mobilizer Teams.

  • Anonymous

    Ulthur: These are great questions. Many of the answers can be found here on the website, under the “About” tab.

    In addition, I would love for you to join one of our regular 4YG Community Cafes where we can discuss this further. You just missed one today, and we’re off next week, but you can sign up for later conversations here:

  • Abid haider

    ilike it ……………it will be good for us

  • Dinyah Rein

    How does one become a mobilizer? And how might one support the mobilizers? I’d love to get involved!

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