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Ask The Science Guru is a platform that offers you the opportunity to inform the world about your research, publications or projects that have an impact on improving the quality of life for all that share this world. You can also contribute by giving your input on the topics featured by us and that interest you the most!

Ask The Science Guru comes to you from the pristine but threatened coastal community of North East Arnhem land in the NT Australia. Many Authors and researchers have already showcased their work through us, and we want to invite all to join them by submitting your expressions of interest related to science and the environment.

  • John P. Falchi

    I like what Ask The Science Guru is about. It provides an outlet for individuals to share with the general public some of the latest science research.

  • Mark Bachelder

    I am fascinated by the hundreds, even thousands of anecdotes and records of persons creating machines that produce more energy than is put into them. The promise of technologies like this is that we can have all the energy our society needs, and more, without dangerous fuels, or very little. From Nikola Tesla to modern day Veljko Milkovic, we hear of such devices. I would love see more coverage of such stories here.

  • Seasick

    A basic physics course would give you some insight and knowledge to write an intellectual comment.

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