A revolution for a new generation: One 16-year-old speaks out

“My generation has failed,” Peter Goldmark of the Environmental Defense Fund said this October in a blog interview with Dominique Browning. “We are handing over the problem to our children. They—and their children—will live with the worst consequences of climate change. Make no mistake, global warming is happening right now. It is only going to get worse.”

Around the same time, Bill McKibben and the 350.org team asked for the public’s ideas. They sent out a call for direct actions people could take in the fight against climate change.

Alec Loorz provides an answer from the younger generation. He tells adults: “We get it.” The founder of Kids Versus Global Warming, he is asking 1 million kids (and the adults who care about them) to march this Mother’s Day, globally, in the iMatter march. Only 16, Loorz wants to remind kids all over the world that they, who will be most affected by climate change, matter and have power.

Check out his incredible and spirited speech from 2010′s Bioneers conference.

Alec Loorz: iMatter from Bioneers on Vimeo.

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