The Shaman’s Apprentice Project supports indigenous peoples, plants and knowledge

Organization: Evolve to Ecology
Author: Carlita Montross

The Shamans Apprentice Project (S.A.P), is a pioneering project that supports indigenous tribes people and their rainforest plants used in their every day lives for medicinal purposes and general domestic usage. S.A.P project objectives are to keep the shamanic practices alive and to encourage younger indigenous generations to continue the tradition of their shaman elders, to continue to live untainted in the rainforest, actively participating in restoring their ancient knowledge of rainforest plants with advanced technology, supported by a number of participating rainforest and indigenous human rights organizations. We will be working with the Shiwiar in Ecuador for the first phase of this project.

Please contact Evolve to Ecology for more in-depth details, if you have a wish to support this project, and to volunteer or collaborate with us.

  • matchiweta

    It is always surprising that America has not dealt with its own indigenous population and the destruction and restore that indigenous knowledge….

  • Carla Shaw Montross

    matchiweta, I can agree with you wholeheartedly, being the founder of the projects I am actually not American, I am from Europe, but I believe in restoring knowledge of indigenous people worldwide, I have only worked with indigenous people and organizations in Central and South America for the last four years and India where my Grandmother is from. I have been trying to collaborate with people working in Lakotah to do some sustainability projects but I have had little feedback or replies from my posts on the American Indian Movement website. Evolve to Ecology is now located in California where I recently moved to, so if you know of any native american communities that want to take part in some communal sustainability and medicinal plant projects please get in touch. Thank you. Carlita.

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