Yoga practitioners round the world to synchronize meditation Feb 26, 2011

Organization: WE Yoga Studio
Author: Wendy Mendoza

Our thoughts, words and actions, positive or negative, are what make the world today. When a group comes together for a purpose, we create more energy and momentum, which multiplies exponentially. Our energy contributes to the collective whole.  Let us unite to create a spiritually unified energy so strong it transforms our world. Together, we can elevate the global consciousness in this simple but profound meditation.

Join us at 5:00 p.m., EST, on February 26, 2011,  in shifting our humanity in a more positive direction. Find out more and make your commitment today by going to the following link, or paste it into your browser:

Alternatively, go to and click the link in the top right, “to join a yoga movement.”

We need volunteers around the globe to participate and join us in this very short thirty minute moment! Please sign up today and show your commitment.

  • Kathryn Grace

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some scientist, who has a method in place already, could measure the before and after effects of this thirty minute meditation around the world? What do you think she would find?

  • John P. Falchi

    This sounds a little like a re-enactment of “The World Healing Meditation” at 12 Noon Greenwich Mean time, on 12/31/86, in which 50 Million people around the world meditated, prayed, or thought about peace. The latter was included so that even the Communist countries could participate. Here in San Diego a large number of us gathered at 4:00 a.m. in the morning in the Balboa Park Organ Pavilion to pray for peace. some of us still celebrate its 12/31 anniversary each year.

  • Christy

    wow, that’s fantastic! One Voice Experiment is also organizing a 7 minute sing for 2012. Check us out…

  • Weyogalouisville

    This sounds really amazing! It can be done!!

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